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Innovative Anniversary Gifts

Innovative Anniversary Gifts

Could we trace gift giving back to the dawn of time?

In many ways, yes.

Offering our energy of appreciation, celebration and love for many different reasons is something that seems natural for us to do. Throughout the year there are so many different occasions where we put our time, energy and resources into creating an experience, or giving a gift to the special people in our lives. Gift giving is really just a way to express a heart-felt message to another.

When this person is our partner and lover, the language of gift giving takes on a whole new meaning. It is about expressing our gratitude for this person, our love for them and as a celebration of one another and the experiences you share together in life.

For any stage of the relationship, anniversaries mark a special point in time that is worth celebrating.

Finding the right gift for both men and women isn’t always a breeze. When you know your special person deserves the world, how can we express this in a gift?

Flowers, chocolates and date nights are nice, and always welcomed of course, but when we’re searching for a unique and thoughtful gift, it can get a little difficult.

So we’ve got your back as we dive into some different innovations in anniversary gift giving, in a way which helps you think about how to choose the gift that’s just right for the your favourite person.

When considering the different type of gifts you could give, think about the points below, so that you can feel into the right option for this particular anniversary, while also keeping some ideas in your mind to help you in the future, because the thing with anniversaries is… they’ll come around again!


Their Current Life Stage

Are you finding yourself wondering "What is a good 30 anniversary gift?" or are you searching "8th anniversary gift for her" or "fifty year anniversary gift"?

You are not alone. 

Here are a few questions to answer first. 

What stage of life is your partner in? A new job, creating their passion, looking to settle down with you with a family, still adventuring and travelling around?

Consider the following things about your partner:

  • Work (type, role, plans for the future).
  • Travel (are they wanting to still travel a lot, or looking at future plans)
  • Interests (their hobbies, loves, new interests and passions).
  • Age (let’s hope you know their age! This is will help to consider things like beauty care products, fashion, books etc.).

Certain gifts can be suited to where your partner is currently at in their life. When you go through each one, you can start to think of certain gifts that express this stage. For example - if they’re currently focused much more on their career right now with a promotion looming, maybe an anniversary gift could be a ticket to an industry event, a course that will help them with their career skills, or some kind of electronic device they could use).


Experiences They’ve Been Dreaming Of

We all have a list of things we’d love to do. Maybe they’ve spoken this out loud, or they’re secretly dreaming of a trip away or a new class to take). If you know your partner well, you can create a list for yourself of all the things you’re aware of them being interested in. Think about the little hints they’ve given you, and consider the following:


  • Things you wouldn’t normally do together - maybe an experience that they wouldn’t choose themselves. Rather than just sending them to the regular wine tasting event that you know they’ll like, spice it up with choosing a random and interesting activity for you both. That kind of a surprise is an innovative gift idea since it’s unexpected.
  • Ask their friends and family about whether your partner has mentioned a class, trip or experience somewhere that they’d love to experience ‘one day’, and make it happen for them!
  • Consider the interests they already have, though be a little more creative. If they love to watch theatre, instead of tickets to a show, think outside the box with something like a meet and greet for the performers or a show, or even a theatre class for them!

Treasured Memories

A romantic way to express your adoration and love to your partner is with a more heart-felt anniversary gift. The innovations in this area are actually many, as technology has skyrocketed the possibilities for beautiful, thoughtful designs of anything from electronics, to jewelry.

Think of the regular photo memory locket that everyone knows. This pendant has been a way for people to keep a treasured memory with them whenever they wear it. There’s been an intriguing innovation in jewelry recently that takes this idea to a new level.



The Evermée necklace brand is a modern day locket with an intriguing enchantment. The wearer can glide their smartphone over the pendant of their choice (up to 5 gemstone pendants to collect) and a photo memory will appear on screen, allowing the wearer to carry their treasured memory wherever they go. This kind of innovation in jewelry gifts for an anniversary is an unexpected and delightful way to share your love.

The pendant is also set on a 100% recycled silver chain of three lengths, and the style of the pendant is simple and sleek, allowing both men and women to wear with confidence.

Create your own locket here


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