How To Keep Long Distance Friendships

by Kris Dano
One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method for Long Distance Friendships

Our best friend is an extension of ourselves.

Best friends are like personified security blankets.

They are always present to listen when venting out, they know every detail of our stories, and we’ve shared with them the moments that turn into strong memories.

They are essentially our siblings from other parents.

As an extension of ourselves, it can be challenging to find yourself without your best friend.

It can be the hardest thing in life to adjust when your best friend completed your days.

Of course, we cannot force people to remain by our side.

There will be times when a best friend who was always one call away has to move to another country or state.

She may be moving to start her own family elsewhere; a job requires her to transfer; her whole family might be leaving town; or in what I’ve experienced, she’ll be moving to another state for college.

As millennials, we live in a fast-paced world where people prioritize efficiency and multi-tasking.

As young adults, we focus on balancing our academics, extra-curricular to build our portfolio, leisure time, and in some cases, part-time jobs.

Imagine the difficulty of juggling all these while also experiencing emotional pressure.

Without a best friend to help you get through, how will you fare?

You should not, however, lose hope.

It is valid to feel anxious and sad when people move away from you.

I’ve once had another close friend move out when her father transferred to a different state.

Despite the more convenient forms of communication available, the separation anxiety slowly eats you up, even when you do not realize it.

In this article, you will learn how to cope with the sadness of a distant friend.

For your convenience, we condensed everything you have to know in under a five-minute read.

From my experience and multiple trials on how I can ease the misery, I found a method that worked best.

You will thank me later after you learn about the One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method.

So, do not be afraid of friends living their lives from afar.

You got this. 

friends gifts

War Flashbacks 

For weeks before the dreaded moving-out day, I saw her try to conceal the sorrow that will come in the following days.

While everything was going great, at the back of your head, you know you cannot hold unto her any longer.

As the thoughtful friend that I am, I knew I had to do something.

There must be something that can help us both.

Before she left, I planned to give her a moving-away present.

After all, you should be proud of your best friend's milestones.

The least-awaited-day came.

I handed a parting gift that will be part of the One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method.

Finally, she was smiling because we knew we could get through any distance.  

The One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method

Before trying out this magical technique that I came up with, I was very hesitant and pessimistic about its possible outcome.

Thoughts like “This might not work” and “This won’t make things any easier” lingered in my head.

After all, there is no easy fix for matters like this.

Well, I got no choice.

It was between not do anything about it or trying this method.

However, after trying it out, I was convinced that it significantly helped me and my best friend get through the sorrow of distance and parting from each other.

On the weeks leading to her departure, I was researching for jewelry and gifts that I thought would make her smile.

However, the tough thing was, in this age where we long after both form and function, something pretty isn’t significant enough and could be another bland failure.

Luckily, I came across a unique gift that she can associate with me alone.

After all, this unique gift is highly eccentric and distinctive.

To cut the suspense-- I bought her a locket.

If you think that it is just some memorabilia that anyone can buy, well remember that I thought through this very well.

It is not your usual and conventional locket.

Instead, it is a very personal and warm gift with hints of contemporary touches.

It is a timely locket that can bridge the distances between people, especially at this age.

My encounter with Evermée proved to be a game-changer.

Relatively, Evermée is a newcomer in the jewelry business, but they do not let themselves get behind.

The company produces an innovative approach to the classic locket pendant.

Locket pendants have been around since the fifteenth century and came to prominence four centuries after.

Since its conception, people have not stopped producing them, and this is for a reason-- they are timeless and sentimental.

When you consider aesthetics, lockets are perfect as they can add substance and spice to your typical ensemble.

Aside from aesthetics, they also have functions.

Yes, we love beauty and function when they are fused.

They serve as a powerful memento that brings us to past cherished moments.

It is a powerful object that reassures you that you are not on your own.

There are people, albeit from afar, that look after us.

They value us from a distance and recognize our existence and how we once completed each other.

A locket is a portal to the good times you had.  

Innovative Solutions

What Evermée did is remodel the conventional lockets to suit the needs nowadays and utilize top-notch technology.

In each pendant is a gemstone housing NFC technology that shows photos on your smartphone once scanned.

In a single scan of your gemstone of choice, you have your memory flasher right before your eyes.

Memories are powerful enough to influence our emotions.

With a single photo, you remind yourself of the happiness that you once had.

It is the happiness that is not lost; it is distant, but existing.

The One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method powered by the brilliance of the contemporary locket, you are not merely trying, instead, you are fulfilling both the promise and duty of what it means to be the best mate.

With the One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method powered by the brilliance of the contemporary locket, you are not merely trying.

Instead, you are fulfilling both the promise and duty of what it means to be the best mate.

Now you may ask, “Why are you so convinced that the method was the big game-changer?” The answer is simple: She told me.

When she finally left, she updated me on how she was doing.

On her first night in her dormitory, she told me that she had successfully moved in. She then told me how unfamiliar a different place feels, especially when you are not with the people who used to surround you.

Happily, she proceeded to send me a thank you.

She told me that she felt the instant calmness and peace of mind when she opened and used the gift I had for her.

After a year apart from each other, we only see each other about once a month.

Of course, some special occasions and holidays compelled us to spend time together again.

After a year, she still appreciates the gift that I got her.

Honestly, it was surprising because I expected the magic of the gift to last for a few months at the most.

I once again received a chat from her telling me that whenever she misses me, misses the old life, misses “home,” she would only tap or scan the locket and feel at ease.

She also claimed, from her own words, “I couldn’t imagine living far out here without this.

It gets me through. I just love it. Thank you.”

In this uncertain life, we have to adapt and find ways to make each other feel secure and sane.

She felt as though I was beside her each time she tapped to scan and saw the memory photo flash.

Yes, we could talk through the many social media platforms available.

We can Facetime and send messages whenever we can.

However, as growing adults, time becomes a luxury.

Oh, how convenient and relaxing it would be if we could talk every day without thinking about our priorities.

That is not a sustainable solution.

Given the circumstances, the feeling of soundness from receiving a well-thought token to show the strong bond between two friends makes life bearable.

So, you thought you could buy whatever locket?

No, honey, that is not how thoughtful gifts work.

I believe it’s the perfect time to break down the step by step process that I used with the “One-Tap Memory-Flasher Technique.”  

Choosing the Perfect Digital Locket

“How do you choose the perfect digital locket for your best friend?”

Now, this is a question most people find themselves stuck with, especially when the circumstances are pressuring as it is.

Well, my answer is quite broad and straight-forward.

You have to know what your best friends’ aesthetic is.

That way, it will be much easier for you to narrow down your options when choosing the perfect digital locket.

If your best friend loves combined simplicity and sophistication, then a silver chain digital locket with a minimal heart shape pendant would perfectly suit her.

If making a fashion statement is your best friends’ vibe, then chunky gold chains and bold pendants should do the trick.

Just remember one thing when choosing the perfect digital locket for your best friend, choose something that would make her character shine!

Oh! and one last thing, when choosing your locket, make sure that this locket can withstand the test of time.

You don’t want to end up purchasing a locket that is only good for a week or so, right? 


Set a Date to Surprise Your Bestie 

Choosing the perfect locket, check! Compiling memorable pictures, check!

I think you are almost set! Almost.

One last thing to do is to wrap your little present and surprise your friend with it before she leaves for her new chapter in life.

The packaging does not matter, but if you are extra and want to send her with more warmth, then this is your choice.

Do you know what matters?

The way you gave it and the ambiance when you hand it to her.

Set a date where you have enough time to be with your best friend.

I know it will be hard being away from her, so secure a date where both of you are free.

Listen to her stories, rants, and some random stuff that she says all the time because you would miss it once the two of you start life without each other.

Tell her jokes, laugh together, and reassure each other that you’ll always have each other’s back.

Then right before you’re going to head home, give her your little present and tell her how much you love her.

Explain to your bestie that every time she feels alone, she just needs to look at the locket and remember that you’re always close to her heart.

Your gift is a gesture of love that will provide your best friend with instant relief and a sense of accomplishment for you as well!

That’s how you ease your best friends’ anxiety amid the distance using the “The One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method.”

Well, if you think that other gifts like stuffed toys or pillows may work, well, you should reevaluate.

They are gifts that will probably gather dust and get worn down through time.

Besides, your best friend cannot bring a toy or a pillow wherever she goes.

Why not give her something that she can wear close to her heart every day? – a digital locket!

Fashionable to wear, won’t be misplaced easily, and always gives her the security she needs every time she feels sad.

It has been proven and tested! Trust me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What did you think of The One-Tap Memory-Flasher Method?

If you have something to add or a question that has been bugging you, let me know by leaving a comment below and by sharing this post.

I would love to hear from you! 

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