How To Build A Strong Relationship?

by priyanshu rawat
How To Build a Strong Relationship


  • What happens when a relationship gets broken?
  • Guide: How to build a strong relationship?
  • Priority
  • Accept the difference
  • Small gestures
  • Trust
  • Give space and respect
  • Communicate
  • Learn from each other
How To Build a Strong Relationship



This word not just represents a connection but tuning of frequency between two individuals.

It is a bridge through which feelings are exchanged.

Like every other thing, it also requires maintenance to make it stronger and everlasting.

It has to be protected from the calamities of misunderstanding, anger, and mistrust.

What happens when a relationship gets broken?

It hampers survival and makes you die in pieces every day.

You hunt for the damage from both sides, which broke this.

You try to rekindle through loose talks. 

Accept the damage and ask for an apology.

And promise to check on the points on how to build a strong relationship, but the damage has been done beyond repair.

You miss those days of happiness, which is now a lost past that pours out guilt.

If you don't want this scenario.

It's better to prevent the cracks than repair them as it will leave a scar. 

Guide: How to build a strong relationship?

It involves various factors, situations, and connections between individuals.

As said earlier, it is better to have a clean relationship than to have rocky ones.

When you start to build a building, you strengthen the base and use a good quality of core materials.

The same goes for a relationship.

The ideas we present will cover the common points for all sorts of relationships.

Between people of any age group and focus mostly on small yet effective methods. 


Building a Strong Relationship

Your partner is your priority in the relationship.

Not giving importance results in sheer ignorance, which leads to a direct fallout, and eventually, you will lose respect in front of your partner.

Your child won't pay any heed and will make wrong decisions.

So, it's better to manage things to give your spouse some priority to keep things at bay.

Priority is earned by managing time.

So complete those files quickly to spend some time with your girlfriend.

Priority and time go hand in hand.

Keep a simple thing in mind.

You are working for your partner or family, so their happiness is your main income.

So prioritize your son's visit to his favorite park over drinks with friends over the weekends.

They still can wait! 

Accept the difference

Building a Strong Relationship

No one person would be exactly similar in terms of behavior, body language, and thinking.

Your boyfriend might have a different opinion on a similar situation.

Your daughter may like vanilla ice cream while you crave blueberry flavor.

The truth is to accept the facts as you can't force your wife to watch horror films if she likes romantic ones.

It can invite misunderstandings, but it is better to at least talk with an open mind.

Maybe you can even try out their opinion, which sometimes may be beneficial.

Small gestures

Build a Strong Relationship

Believe it or not, although a bridge of relationship is made of big stones.

But gravel of gestures with the cement of love makes the bond stronger.

Gestures immediately release the hormones, which enchants your partner to happiness.

It makes your son believe that you still love him unconditionally.

Gestures can be like giving a peck on cheeks.

Unexpected hugs.

A kiss on the forehead.

You can also give a hand to clean the mess with your husband or plan a family day out.

The most basic gesture is saying, "I LOVE YOU."

You can also make a habit of eating meals together.

It keeps the flame of a relationship alive. 

Giving surprises like a piece of jewelry to your girlfriend, or buying that dress which your wife saw in that shop might make a difference.

You can also find a stunning memories necklace that can forever hold your memories of togetherness.



Build a Strong Relationship

The basic part which everyone forgets, whether they know it or not, is keeping trust.

Trust is that glass that once broken leaves a crack of many issues.

How to build a strong relationship then?

Please don't break it at any cost.

Trust is the core of a relationship, and most failed relationships have shown trust issues.

If you cheat on your partner, you can get insecure about them cheating on you even if they are good.

If you lied to your son, or your daughter about quitting smoking and if he or she catches you again.

Then you aren't a truthful mother or father, which leads to insecurity.

So watch your actions before you take the steps.

Give space and respect

How to Build a Strong Relationship

 Everyone deserves a space of their own, leading to mutual respect towards each other.

You and your wife do give each other priority, but sometimes too much of everything is bad.

We aren't saying to not prioritize; just balance the things.

Your wife and daughter may need some of their own time with their friends or even you.

So give them some space to fly and explore the world like a free bird.

Respect and trust are thus earned through this gesture.

And your partner or child may not do anything to break this as they know it is hard-earned.

And they will respect you more afterward for your support. 


Build a Strong Relationship

One of the major fallouts in a relationship is a misunderstanding that occurs through no communication.

Your son didn't break the glass knowingly; it was a mistake, but you misunderstood your assumption.


Loss of respect.

How to build a strong relationship here then?


Just have a word.

Communication resolves everything.

A calm talk unties the knots of misunderstanding.

Speaking to the family opens the doors of a solution.

Sit and have a word with your son, and as a mother, teach him kindly.

He will be happy and cautious next time. 

Learn from each other

Build a Strong Relationship

Small yet effective thing which can be done is 'learn'.

Learn all good things from your life partner.

Like how he or she keeps the clothes neat and tidy and completes her chores in advance.

Apply that habit to your workplace.

You will find better results.

You can also learn from each other’s mistakes.

Like how your daughter’s reckless driving and your ignorance can result in an accident.

But make sure to try to eradicate wrong things.

Remember, learning sees no age bars.

So don't hesitate if your son or daughter teaches you something. 

At Last,

So, these were some tips on how to build a strong relationship.

Most of the tips require less interruption, so focus for some time for better understanding and results.

Remember, a strong relationship is real, and real is rare, like diamonds.

Keep That Precious Gift From God With You Safely!