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Full Moon And Half Moon – Colors & Jewelry Explained

What has the moon to do with jewelry, you may ask?

Well, it's pretty straightforward – the earth's satellite serves as a huge inspiration for us!

We'll explain to you what exactly inspires us so much, but let us give you a little bit of input about the moon in general first (or skip it and jump to our full moon jewelry right away). Later on, we are going to cover a few selected pieces and the story of our lockets in more detail. 


  1. About The Moon in General
    - Golden Moon
    - Red Moon
    - Pink Moon
    - Silver Moon

  2. Moon Jewelry by evermée
    1. Red Moon Jewelry
    2. Pink Moon Jewelry
    3. Silver Moon Jewelry
    4. White Moon Jewelry


About The Moon In General

The moon has been in existence since primeval times, and it’s the second brightest body in the sky, of course after the sun. In addition, it’s the only natural satellite on earth.

One interesting thing about the moon is that it’s always in a synchronous rotation with the earth—this means that the same side of the moon is always facing towards the earth. The moon is known to cause tides—thus developing a rhythm, which has guided us for hundreds of years.

And the tides have gifted us with wonderful waves for surfing, too. We are mentioning this, because two our founders are passionate surfers. 

When looking at the moon, you will notice that it appears as a full moon and sometimes as a half moon.

But, why does this happen?

First, it is essential to understand that the main reason why you see the moon is because of the sunlight reflecting back to us from the moon’s surface.

During its natural course, the moon will circle one time around the earth. In addition, you should note that one half of the moon is always lit—the part facing the sun.

However, the sunny part of the moon doesn’t always face towards the earth. And, as the moon orbits around the earth, we will see changes in the side of the moon that appears lit.

This is the main reason why you will see a full moon and half moon.

Another, probably way more fascinating thing about the moon are its varying colors. At times, you will notice that the moon appears in golden, pink, red, or silver light.

What causes these different appearances?



Golden Moon

As highlighted earlier, it takes an average of 29 days for the moon to orbit around the earth, and both the moon and the earth are revolving around the sun.

This fact plays a significant role in the color and size of the moon.

When the moon appears large on the horizon, it means that it's nearer to the surface of the earth. This is when the moon gets a golden or yellow hue.

When it’s nearer to the surface of the earth, the moon will travel through extra atmospheric particles, like pollution and dust. These particles cause the moon to leave longer wavelengths behind. Longer wavelengths result in a yellow and golden moon. 


Red Moon

As we saw earlier, the moon gets is natural light from the sun. This means the position of the sun can have a significant effect on the color of the moon.

Whenever we have a total lunar eclipse—when the earth positions itself between the moon and the sun—the moon will appear to be red.

This is also known as a blood moon, and Rayleigh scattering causes the red coloration. This is the same reason why the sky appears red during sunset.

One of our favorite colors which inspired us as you will see when we get to the part about our moon jewelry below!



Pink Moon

It’s called pink moon not because it is literally pink—but it follows the ancient Farmer’s Almanac.

The name “pink moon” originated from the pink flowers that blossom early in the spring season.


Silver Moon

The moon gets its light from the sun. Then, the rocks and dust on the moon’s surface reflect the light coming from the sun.

These minerals absorb certain amounts of radiations and then reflects others.

Generally, the radiations that the moon reflects will yield a silver-grey color, which appears white at some days. During the night, when the skies are dark, and the moon is bright, the contrast between these two will make the moon appear silver or silver-white.

This is the most common version of the moon as we know it.


Half Moon and Full Moon Jewelry by evermée 

At everméewe created smart digital lockets that have been inspired by the moon.

Set in gold and silver, our evermée lockets come with an intricate design that makes it more attractive to many people. Our stunning lockets are the best gifts to honor your loved one – it's jewelry that tells a story. If not several stories :)

The most exciting thing about our lockets is that they come with a set of 4 pendants and 8 different colorful gemstones. We are going to introduce the four most fitting gemstones here that fit the presented moon colors:

  • Red Moon Gemstone (Red Jasper),
  • Pink Moon Gemstone (Pink Opal)
  • Silver Moon Gemstone (Mother of Pearl)
  • White Moon Gemstone (Howlite)

You can simply choose your favorite gemstone and you can insert into your locket.

In addition, you can choose the design of the locket to be either silver or golden full moon or half moon.

Another interesting thing about our smart lockets is that you don’t need to own a locket for each of our 8 gemstones. You only need to buy one pendant, and then you could get all 8 gemstones, where you can freely interchange these gemstones. 

Our smart digital lockets will allow you to gift memories to your loved ones by uploading photos into the gemstones. This can allow you to create what we call a “memory moon” for your loved one.

Our smart lockets are a timeless and elegant jewelry gift for your loved one’s life, which allows them to wear memory pictures that they cherish.

Create your own moon locket here


Red Half Moon – Silver or Golden Locket (Red Jasper Gemstone)


Jasper Red Half Moon Silver Golden Half Moon Red Jasper


These are our beautiful silver or golden half moon lockets that hold the red jasper gemstone.

The natural gems in this locket have been hand-cut and then polished into a full moon shape, just to match all your expectations.

To avoid anyone having to dig deeper through the interwebs, we curated the meaning of each mentioned gemstone. 

It is said that wearing the red jasper locket can assist in supporting your intentions for the entire day. Red Jasper has been known for its calming effects, as well as stimulating the root chakra. Therefore, in addition to the memories brought by the red jasper locket, you could expect it to stabilize your aura if that's your jam.

This locket has unparalleled beauty, and it will give you a deeper insight into your personal challenges. In addition, the gems in this locket will give you a very strong sense and feeling of stability. Red Jasper is a very powerful aid, especially when it comes to the process of increasing kundalini.

Therefore, expect to get more health benefits in addition to the beauty of the red jasper necklace.


Silver & Golden Full Moon Pink Locket (Pink Opal Gemstone)


Silver Full Moon Pink Opal Golden Full Moon Pink Opal


Also referred to as the locket of charm and love, our pink opal locket is a symbol of timeless love, dreams, memories, and passion. Get one of these lockets today from and express your love and passion – so that your loved one can wear your gift close to their heart.

The pink opal locket carries the magical pink opal gem, which will bring good fortune and luck to the wearer. It is important to note that the pink opal stones that we fit in our lockets differ in color—slightly, which means that the colors of the lockets might vary slightly from pink.

However, you don’t need to worry about this. Each of our golden half-moon pink opal lockets are handmade and genuinely unique.


Moon Pearl Necklace – Silver Half Moon (Pearl Gemstone)


Moon Pearl Necklace – Silver Half Moon Moon Pearl Necklace – Golden Half Moon


Our stylish silver mother of all pearl locket is a true symbol of beauty.

This smart necklace is a symbol of a strong connection between a mother and a child. Getting one of these lockets can symbolize love, which is found between a child and the parent, and other different forms of love.

Whether you are getting this smart full moon locket to treat yourself as a gift for someone, it will be a constant memento for generations.

Our recycled silver half moon lockets contain 0% nickel, which makes them skin friendly. Upon ordering this locket, our jewelers will start crafting your locket by hand will make sure that the smart locket carries your desired photo.


White Moon Locket – Silver & Golden (Howlite Gemstone)


 white golden full moon locket howlite


Our lovely silver or golden half moon, white howlite locket is a wonderful piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for many years to come. The silver full moon pendant is designed with true ingenuity, and craftsmanship. The white howlite gemstone decorates the locket, making it indeed one-of-a-kind jewelry.

In addition to its beauty, this magnificent pendant will emit powerful energy, which can has healing, and energy balancing powers. In addition, you can use the white howlite locket for protection and spiritual centering.

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