Friendship Jewelry: The Best Way to Commemorate Your Bond

by Kris Dano
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  • Heartbreak Friendship Necklace Set
  • Bold Double Number Ring
  • Why evermée Is The Perfect Friendship Jewelry?
  • Unique And Stunning
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  • Carbon Neutral Business 

s we grow older, genuine friendship is becoming more and more challenging to maintain.

You’re lucky if you have already found a best friend and continue to build trust with each other.

As life is short, you should celebrate your friendship, and what’s more appropriate than celebrating your years with matching friendship jewelry? Right?

If you agree with me, keep scrolling through this post.

I’ve listed ten matching best friend jewelry that I think you and your best friend will love.  

But before that, let’s explore how friendship and jewelry are related.

Friendship And Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to mark an unbreakable and deep bond with your dear friend.

It is a tangible item that will remind your friend of your connection, even when you aren’t physically there with them.

While friendship jewelry comes in various styles, sizes, and colors.

The good thing is, these sorts of jewelry are not reserved for friends alone.

You can gift these pieces of jewelry to your sister, parent, bother, child, or anyone important to you.

Without any further ado, allow us to reveal the best pieces of friendship jewelry.

Types Of Friendship Jewelry For Your Friend

Gemstone Locket by Evermee

If you want a hit of nostalgia with every glimpse at your jewelry, then I know what will suit you and your best friend-- lockets!

A locket also works well when you are part of a best friend of three.

You can purchase three best friend necklaces and customize the content for each receiver.

However, how can you have a fashionable and up-to-date locket when it is a classical piece? Simple.

You can choose ones that incorporate technology with a classic locket.

Evermée's gemstone locket, as a classical locket, comes in different gems that you can choose yourself.

As an update to the old-fashioned lockets, you can download an app from the play store or apple store and use it to update what your locket will display.

If you want a piece of techy jewelry for your best friends, then I think a locket will be the best.

After all, it allows you to personalize your three best friend necklaces.

locket for your friends

Fiji Bracelets

Bracelets are the most iconic symbol of friendship in the jewelry department.

This Fiji Bracelet is a combination of a gold-plated focal point and yarn-like strings – that serves as a tie when you wear it.

Friendship jewelry would not only take you down the memory lane but will also glam you and your best friend at the same time. 

3D Soundwave Ring 

If you want none of that generic jewelry and want personalization, then a 3D Soundwave Ring deserves a spot on your list.

This 3D Soundwave Ring uses your voice and its unique waves as a design for this jewelry.

What better best friend jewelry you can get for your forever love than this sweet thing? This ring is likewise available in 18k gold, silver, or platinum.

So, if you want a piece of jewelry that would always remind you of your best friend, then this 3D Soundwave Ring is your best buy. 

Stella Charm Bracelet

Does your best friend like the aesthetics of chains?

If the answer is yes, then this Stella Charm Bracelet will add a touch of the chain aesthetics to your best friend's jewelry.

Stella Charm Bracelet has gold slender chains and a pretty pendant.

The gold chains look classy and fascinating, making every OOTD sophisticated.

Amazing, right?

The Stella Charm Bracelet is a perfect friendship jewelry! 


Birthstone Gold Necklace 

If the chance that your posse consists of three people, then a birthstone gold necklace will be a perfect fit for three best friend necklaces.

You can also layer your birthstone gold necklace, giving you a bohemian-inspired look.

I know this would flawlessly satisfy your three best friend necklaces goal.

Each necklace also comes in a cute mint box that will make it a perfect gift to hand out to your best friends.

No need to worry about packing your gift in a presentable box! 

Crystal Baguette Anklet 

If you're looking for something cute and out of the ordinary, then I have an idea that you will surely love.

A Crystal Baguette Anklet is perfect for people who like a subtle glitter in life.

Of course, bracelets are not the only jewelry that can symbolize friendship.

An anklet, with the right thought, is a perfect addition to your best friend's collection.

Take a walk through the good old days and purchase an anklet as a piece of friendship jewelry!

Birthstone best friend jewelry

For every gift-giving, what makes a receiver genuinely happy is the thought that comes with the present.

Show your thoughtfulness and love for your best friend with a birthstone necklace as friendship jewelry.

This necklace shows that you didn't get just another pretty gift-- you chose one that hits close to her heart.

Of course, the jewelry is also minimalist and can be worn daily or during formal events.  

Femininities Necklace

Friendship is not just about good times, it is also about accepting your friend regardless of her flaws.

If you want to show each other’s acceptance and support through friendship jewelry, then this Femininities Necklace is the perfect gift.

Femininities Necklace has a pendant with a Venus statue design that allows you to showcase your support for women, especially your best friend.

Not just that, the Venus statue can also become a focal point that radiates an old Greek aesthetic vibe.

Likewise, this gold best friend necklace can glam your whole outfit in a snap!  

Heartbreak Friendship Necklace Set

If matching gold best friend necklaces is what you're aiming for, then this heartbreak friendship necklace set should be of your top choices.

These best friend necklaces come in a set of two broken hearts.

They just have this touch of sophistication that would make it the best friendship jewelry.

Wherever you go, you'll carry a piece of your best friend's heart.  

Bold Double Number Ring

If you and your best friend happen to love wearing rings, then I have the perfect friendship jewelry for both of you.

How about a 10k gold ring that allows you to personalize the number on it?

You can customize it to show the year when you met each other.

You can also choose to place your birth years as the design-- the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, this bold double number ring also features a vintage design, which makes it wearable for many events.  

Finding the perfect matching friendship jewelry is not that hard.

You need to know what makes your friend ultimately happy and go from there.

Besides, you and your best friend know each other very well, so it will just be a piece of cake for both of you.

Why evermée is the perfect friendship jewelry?

Why evermée is the perfect friendship jewelry?

Unique And Stunning

Every evermée jewelry, whether it be sister necklaces or friendship necklaces, is crafted from the finest gemstones and precious metals.

Besides the mesmerizing look, the evermée memories necklace can store the wonderful memories of your friendship.

Not only that, the picture stored in the necklace can be accessed onto any mobile device using the evermée app.

You can also change the picture remotely to surprise your dear friend once in a while.

How cool is that!

Ethically Sourced

From beginning to end.

Every material used in the evermée necklace is sourced ethically from the best suppliers in the world.

Made To Order, Not Mass-Produced

At evermée, we craft every piece of our friendship jewelry with love and care.

That is why we don’t mass produce.

Only a handful of our friendship jewelry is made in advance to minimize potential waste.

Moreover, most of our orders are custom, which means you can create your jewelry.

Create your locket Now!

Fair Price

Evermée is a 100% online-based business.

Which means we directly sell to our customers.

This allows us to use the same materials and jewelers which luxury brands use.

But at the same time, avoid the traditional 10x mark-ups.

Carbon Neutral Business 

At evermée, we care for the environment.

That is why we use only 100% recycled silver.

Moreover, we ensure all our waste materials are disposed of or recycled properly.

Evermée is a proud carbon neutral business.

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review

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