Customizable Lockets: Everything You Need To Know!

by Gerrit from evermée
Customizable Locket


  • What Exactly Are Customizable Lockets?
  • Customizable Lockets With A Twist Of Modern Technology
  • How Does It Works?
  • Types Of Customizable/Personalized Lockets 
  • Meaningful Lockets For Friends And Relatives
  • The Best Relationship Gift
  • Why Personalized Lockets From Evermée?
  • What Makes Evermée's Personalized Lockets Unique?
Personalized Lockets

egular jewelry has become sort of boring, and customized lockets are in fashion.

Offering the same look and feel as conventional pieces of jewelry but with the added advantage of personalization.

Woop, Woop!

In this article, we'd share information on these lockets that can be customized as per the buyer's needs.

Also, a perfect place where you can create your own customized locket.

As someone nice said, 'Jewelry makes a person look beautiful!'

So, without further ado, let's jump straight into the topic. 

What Exactly Are Customizable Lockets?

While all pieces of jewelry are somewhat personal, customizable lockets appear as the most appreciated and beloved.

They provide a sentimental value by representing a priceless moment perfectly.

It usually comes in the form of a pendant that opens up to reveal a space used to store a photograph or a miniature portrait of a loved one.

It is human nature to hold a keepsake or a remembrance of our loved ones.

Wearing or keeping a locket signifies that special bond to whomever memory it retains.

Lockets may also come in the form of a bracelet, a ring, or more. Some may hold one or two photos, while others can hold up to eight.

Since lockets may come in all sorts of forms.

It will always fulfil the same purpose, and that is to store precious memories one would like to cherish forever.

After many generations, necklaces and pendants have evolved, gaining additional features and sub-purposes.

Stores selling accessories come with so many options, and highly customizable lockets remain as one of the most distinctive jewelry of all time.

Now, there are endless ways to personalize every fine jewelry, and customers can only expect nothing but breath-taking results of innovation.

Evermée offers a wide array of classy tech-jewelry, particularly customized lockets.

The digital twist compounded to an exquisite material adds an ultramodern way of accessing memories. 

Customizable Lockets With A Twist Of Modern Technology

Modern Customizable Locket

Evermée's lockets showcase high-quality handcrafted material incorporated with avant-garde functionality.

Which sets it apart from other fine jewelry and online shopping lockets in the market.

Although it belongs to the category of smart jewelry.

Our digital lockets possess unmatched quality and application that makes it generations ahead.

While other jewelry pieces function as tools for communication, act as a flash drive disguise.

Or serve as hard assets as well as traditional decor to signify beauty or power, Evermée focuses on bringing back irreplaceable memories.

In a way one hasn't seen or felt before.

It may seem awkward and challenging to combine technology with something intimate and heartfelt without killing the emotion.

Our team at Evermée made sure not to steal the spotlight by a simple, yet sophisticated design.

That helps achieve its raison d'etre — preserve the most ardent recollection of a dear person or yearned event. 

How Does The Locket Works?

How Does Customizable Locket Works?

The pendant stores the photos using an NFC tag, and retrieving the picture is incredibly easy.

Open the Evermée app on your phone, hover your phone over the gemstone, and voila, a photo that represents a significant memory appears on the screen.

Considering the current world we live in, where it's pretty easy to store countless numbers of photos digitally.

Evermée allows you to pick and turn a single photo into something more meaningful. 

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

memories necklace digital locket review

Types Of Customizable/Personalized Lockets

Customizable Locket

These lockets are the most common customized jewelry you can get.

This popular category covers more sub-types of lockets, which are perfect for every relationship that exists.

At Evermée, buyers can customize their memories necklace with so many options and styles.

You can even customize your locket with a choice of 4 pendant designs.

It could either be gold or silver with full moon or half-moon design.

After choosing your design, you can then pick from a choice of 8 different gemstones to complete your pendant:  

  • Black Pearl
  • Blue Lapiz Lazuli
  • Green Malachite
  • Mother of Pearls
  • Pink Opal
  • Red Jasper
  • Turquoise
  • White Howlite

Meaningful Lockets For Friends And Relatives

Lockets for friends

There's no limit to how much meaning you can put into a locket.

This quality is what makes it a perfect gift for someone you deeply love and cherish.

It provides a connection between two people may it be a sibling, friend, parent, or significant other.

You can put so much meaning to the customizable locket, depending on what photo you choose to upload.

Plus, the gemstones have a deeper meaning of their own already.

Its purpose can be of many things, such as love, healing, or protection.

For instance, a father may choose the gemstone malachite as a gift for his daughter.

A father's love will always be associated with a strong will to protect.

This is why such locket would make a perfect daughter graduation gift.

Green malachite is said to have an impressive power to protect from negative entities.

Lapis lazuli, on the other hand, is the gemstone for friendship.

A best friend may choose this stone as a gift, for it provides a meaning of in-depth communication and joy through contact with others.

It makes a perfect gift for a friend on any occasion, whether it is a birthday, graduation, or whatever.

It may also be a proper farewell gift that will keep friends connected wherever they may be. 

The Best Relationship Gift

Customizable Locket for Relationships

Couples give gifts to each other now and then.

People who struggle to find a unique and sentimental gift for their lovers may find their answer in Evermée.

The couple's relationship locket can quickly become one of the woman's most treasured gifts.

It will remind them of their love for each other, wherever they may be or how far they may be apart.

The locket will provide them a secure connection and a constant reminder that they are loved.

For couples, a black pearl or a mother pearl are excellent choices.

The mother pearl gemstone is said to enable the wearer to express feelings of love easily.

Black pearls, on the other hand, provides healing for the heart. 

Why Personalized Lockets From Evermée?

Customizable Locket

Aside from showcasing unique gifts, Evermée uses fine jewelry such as recycled sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil.

The gemstones used are hand-carved and 100% genuine.

Using high-quality materials doesn't necessarily mean their prices are costly.

Compared to other well-known jewelry stores, Evermée products are reasonable and to humbly say, affordable. 

What Makes Evermee's Personlized Lockets Unique?

Lockets for friends

Although tech-jewelry is no longer uncommon.

Evermée’s technology is the first and, currently, the only ones that will allow you to see life's best moments kept in the locket through a smart device!

More surprisingly, it reveals someone's memories by merely touching the pendant with the phone.

Seeing old memories through our digital locket is like watching your whole life story unfold, with only the most cherished fragments of the past appearing in front of you.

Shelter these important details of your mind in our story lockets.

Evermée personalized lockets make a thoughtful present for someone who's away from home and misses someone dearly.

It's also the best gift for a person who seems to own almost everything.

Anyone would love wearing this personalized locket around as it complements a wide array of styles and aesthetics.

 A customizable locket makes the cutest gift on earth! 


So, what are you waiting for? 

Go Ahead And Create Your Own Smart Locket Necklace.
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