Cool Necklaces For Guys: A Guide

by priyanshu rawat
Cool Necklaces For Guys


  • Intro
  • The style of necklaces for guys
  • Why necklaces for guys?
  • Makes them more attractive
  • Gives them a masculine appeal
  • To make a statement
  • Popular cool necklaces for guys
  • Chain necklaces
  • Modern memories necklaces
  • Dog tags
  • Beaded necklaces or Chokers
  • How to maintain necklaces for guys?
  • Cleaning jewelry necklaces
  • Cleaning stone, bead, and other necklaces
  • Conclusion
Necklaces For Guys

he masculine race is no longer bound to watches and rings.

As men's jewelry of all kinds is becoming increasingly popular.

Guys are loving wearing jewelry that complements their style and looks.

However, among all jewelry types.

A necklace can be a bit of a barrier for a man, some might think.

As from time immemorable necklaces have been associated with women.

In reality, many men enjoy wearing a necklace.

Also, as many professionals say – men wearing necklaces look excellent!

The style of necklaces for guys

Necklaces For Guys

A few might think that a guy’s necklace would be similar to a woman’s necklace.

On the contrary to this belief, there is a difference between the two.

Considering men are never going to wear bulky conventional pieces of jewelry.

As those are strictly a part of women's fashion.

The necklaces for guys are everything but big, chunky, and ostentatious.

A guy’s necklace is meant to complement his outfit and style.

Cool necklaces for guys often look natural rather than flashy.

In short, most guys who wear necklaces won't be noticeable for their pieces of jewelry.

But they’ll stand out because of their overall stylish look.

Why necklaces for guys?

Cool Necklaces For Guys

So why exactly do men wear necklaces?

Let’s find out!

Makes them more attractive

Strange, but true.

Different kinds of necklaces offer a different look.

If a guy has worn a right necklace on the right occasion.

Trust me.

He can make heads turn.

Most importantly, nicely pairing up the necklace with clothing and shoes is imperative.

Above all, wearing a fabulous necklace.

Insinuates women that the man is meticulous about his looks and style.

Which many guys would prefer.

All in all, wearing a necklace can make you look more attractive.

Moreover, if you really want to make heads turn.

Consider a necklace that goes best with your personality and body type.

Gives Them A Masculine Appeal

Many cool necklaces for guys tend to look rough and tough.

Such necklaces can ooze the masculine look of the wearer.

For instance, you can spot many army men and motorcycle riders.

Wearing styles of necklaces that show off their masculinity.

Furthermore, such a necklace can have an authoritative appeal that brings confidence.

That being said, if you are someone or you know someone.

Who is proud of his masculinity then?

For them, a necklace can be a great gift.

To Make A Statement

Out of all other fashion accessories for guys.

A necklace is one such accessory that can help make a statement.

Whether it’s a sophisticated look or a hunk style. Putting on the right necklace will help you achieve it.

While there are different necklaces that can give guys a changed appearance.

Among all other options, a jewelry necklace can give you a unique look.

Such minimalistic necklaces are both comfortable and lightweight.

Besides, they can go with any style to help you make a statement.

Whenever and wherever you want.

At Evermée, we acknowledge the importance of memories in your life.

That is why we have crafted stunning jewelry necklaces for guys.

These are amalgamated with technology to store memories.

Check out our exciting range of necklaces for guys.


Cool Necklaces For Guys

We know, not all kinds of necklaces make guys attractive.

However, finding the right necklace as per your –

  • Personality
  • Style of clothing
  • Personal taste
  • Body type

Can definitely make you stand out.

And might give you a jaw-dropping look.

Thus, it is essential that we discuss the most popular types of cool necklaces for guys.

Chain necklaces

Most necklaces for guys fall into this category.

That is why chain necklaces are so common.

A chain necklace is just a strand of rings, beads, or discs that interlock.

This may sound like a basic type of necklace.

Chain necklace, on the other hand, come in a myriad of variations, like-

  • Cable chain 
  • Snake chain
  • Curb chain
  • Box chain
  • Anchor chain
  • Figaro chain
  • Herringbone chain

Modern memories necklaces

Unlike other types of necklaces for guys.

Modern memories necklace is known for their unique style.

These modern memories necklaces can store photos inside.

That makes every necklace different from the other.

Besides, you can access your unforgettable memories anytime using your mobile device.

Moreover, these modern digital necklaces come in exciting designs.

They are crafted from ethically sourced natural gemstones and recycled silver.

They are minimalistic and can suit every man irrespective of his personality and style.

Watch How The Memories Necklace Works

Download the evermée app
(available on Google & Apple)

Scan the gemstone
of your necklace with your phone.

Your photo memory appears
on the screen of your phone.

Dog tags

These necklaces for guys date back to World War I & II and the American Civil War.

Dog tags were typically worn in case of death or casualty.

However, with time dog tags have become an accessory that many men love to wear for style.

Originally military dog tags had the name of the wearer and his medical information.

Sometimes including his military rank and religious preference.

However, nowadays, dog tags usually come in a blank ovaloid shape.

That is sometimes replaced with a text or a raised design.

Beaded necklaces or Chokers

A choker or beaded necklace is the opposite of a pendant.

It is just a solid band that does not hang down.

Sometimes, a choker is embellished with ornaments or patterns at regular intervals.

Fashionable guys who love experimenting with their style.

Can try a choker.

However, a choker is not among the very comfortable necklaces for guys.

Also, for a few, a choker might look like a pet tag similar to a dog collar.

How to maintain necklaces for guys?

Necklaces For men

Now that we have seen different styles and types of cool necklaces for guys.

It is crucial that we know about ways to maintain these necklaces.

Cause too much dust on your necklace.

Might damage it or cause it to lose its shine.

Moreover, pendants in necklaces look best without any sweat, oil, or fingerprints.

Follow the guidelines below to make any necklace like new.

Cleaning jewelry necklaces

The best way to clean a jewelry necklace is by using a-

  • Liquid dishwashing soap 
  • Bowl of warm water 
  • Lint-free cloth

Simply add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to a bowl of mild hot water.

Then by using the lint-free cloth, wipe the necklace.

For a regular jewelry necklace, consider removing the pendant to save it from any damage.

At last, wipe it with a towel and let it dry.

Also, you would love to know that the Evermée necklace is 100% waterproof.

So, cleaning it is child's play.

Cleaning stone, bead, and other necklaces

For cleaning other types of men's necklaces. You would need a-

  • Old toothbrush
  • Bowl of warm water 
  • Liquid detergent soap

Just add 2-3 drops of liquid soap to the bowl of warm water.

Then using the toothbrush, clean the necklace with soft hands.

Make sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

To save the necklace from any damage.

At last, gently dry it using a towel.


A necklace might complement the look of a well-dressed man.

Just like, a ring, tie, bracelet.

A necklace has become an essential piece of fashion accessory for men.

Try experimenting to find the necklace that goes with your style and personality.

Before we bid you goodbye.

Have a look at our exhilarating range of men’s necklaces.

For you or your loved ones.

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