Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Sweetheart

Whether your sweetheart is your man, woman, girlfriend or husband – when it comes to Christmas gift giving, there’s a certain energy we’re looking to express that’s beyond just a family or friend present.

Christmas gifts for your sweetheart, which are a little more romantic, are the way to let your partner know how special they are. How many times have you received a gift from your significant other, which made you feel like anyone could have given that to you, not the person who intimately knows and loves you?

Rather than be stuck for ideas, fall flat in the gift giving and confuse yourself with all of the options for Christmas presents, we’ve compiled a list of unique ideas for presents that your sweetheart will surely love, and feel loved by.

Read on for the top 5 Christmas gift ideas, for men and women, that’ll make your sweetheart swoon. And pay close attention to Christmas gift idea #5, which is our absolute secret tip.

#1 Cookie Delivery
#2 Begin Vacation Fund
#3 Spa With Friends
#4 Looking Back on the Year
#5 Our Secret Weapon


Christmas Gift Idea #1 - Cookie Delivery

This one is for the sweet tooth.

More than just a box of chocolates, this is a gift that keeps giving (literally). Every heard of flower deliveries, where bouquets are scheduled to arrive to your loved one each week?

If not, file that idea away under the Valentine’s Day and anniversary occasions.

This is a little different, however, being a choice of your loved ones favourite cookie flavor, delivered to their home or work, at a time period chosen by you.

Cookies every week, fortnight or month, for however long you choose to keep it going! There are many companies out there that would offer this service, either single cookies, cookie bouquets, boxes or any other unique variation. It’s just a google search away to see what your options are.


Christmas Gift Idea #2 - Begin The Vacation Fund

Unless you can afford to buy plane tickets and the holiday package already, a sweet gift to give your loved one is to start a piggy bank for them for a trip away.

This type of present expresses long-term thinking on your behalf, and since it’s more than just a once-off gift, an experiential present always feels thoughtful.

Start it off by putting a certain amount of money inside, or even book part of the trip.

Be sure to chose this one only if you know there is somewhere they want to go or have talked about saving for, otherwise it can put them in an odd situation if they really didn’t consider a trip away any time soon, and feel a little lost at continuing on the savings!



Christmas Gift Idea #3 - Spa With Friends

Even though it would be lovely to join them, it’s an extra special touch to offer the gift of a spa voucher to your partner, which includes their friend or family to join them.

Again, this thoughtful gesture is really appreciated, and gives just a little more than the regular gift of a spa voucher.

Leave it open to them to bring whoever they choose, or if you have the family member or friend in mind, write their name in the card. The other person will be super grateful too!


Christmas Gift Idea #4 - Looking Back on the Year

This is more than a photo album, and we know that Facebook already does the ‘Memories’ and ‘Milestones’ for us… though you can make it a little more personal and enduring by creating a photo-book with the very best sweet, silly, amazing and touching memories from the year.

Include yourself, their friends and their family in the pictures as well.

This is relatively easy to create - simply extract pictures you have, pictures from their social media or photos from their phone and take them to a printing house. Choose a layout and style of book, and let them do the rest!


Christmas Gift Idea #5 - evermée Necklace

Ourjewelry is more than an average gemstone necklace.

The craftsmanship infuses technology with exquisite beauty to create a stunning pendant that actually holds a photo memory within it. Invisibly!

Immortalize a single photo of your choice (or theirs) and the wearer can spark the memory with their own phone by hovering it over the memory, to instantly view the memory and be transported back to the special point in time.

It’s a revolutionary take on the traditional locket keepsake, and will definitely be a unique gift for Christmas that is surly unlike anything already they own.

For both men and women, this pendant is set on a 100% recycled sterling silver chain with a choice of 3 different lengths and 5 different stones.

Each stone is interchangeable, and is infused with a unique photo memory for each pendant. 

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