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Carved Pearl Jewelry: A Symbol Of Beauty And Class

Carved Pearl Jewelry and pearls in general appear as the most unique among gemstones because they don’t come from the depths of the earth.

These sophisticated-looking jewels come from the sea.

Pearls are naturally lustrous and beautiful, even without specialized cutting or polishing.

For this reason, ancient people valued pearls and used it for trading during the early times.


About Carved Pearl Jewelry

carved pearl jewelry mother of pearls black

As one of the most popular and meaningful gifts, many see the pearls jewel as a mark of elegance and affluence.

Due to this, wearing pearls will never go out of style and will always remain timeless.

This natural resource is often given as a gift to mark a milestone moment, such as a sweet 16th birthday, graduation, or wedding day.

Moreover, the pearl jewels are the traditional birthstone for those born in June and the gemstone symbol of 30th wedding anniversaries. 

Carved pearl jewelry is an artistic version of traditional pearl jewels.

These are carved by hand, which adds a unique personality to the pearls.

Carved pearl jewelry adds a statement of nature to already beautiful beads.

Additionally, the practice of carving pearls jewel is a way to hide blemishes that would reduce the quality of the pearl.  

The Symbolism Of Carved Pearl Jewelry

Many ancient societies believed that pearls are imbued with magical properties as it is associated with the moon.

The early Chinese people believed that wearing pearls protected them from evil.

Specifically fire dragons.

Moreover, Victorian England used small pearls as mourning jewelry to symbolize tears.

Many other ancient cultures associated pearls jewel with chastity and modesty.


carved pearl jewelry mop

Carved pearl jewelry, on the other hand, has a deeper meaning.

Most notably for the Tahitian people.

The Tahitian culture believes that when someone was handed a piece of beloved carved pearl jewelry, it takes on the part of the spirit of those who wear or handle it.

It becomes a spiritual link between people that spans time and distance.

Carved pearl jewelry used as a family heirloom and worn by family members over many generations are believed to contain the spirit of all those people, which makes it a great and powerful family treasure.

Material Used In Carved Pearl Jewelry

While both natural and cultured pearl jewels are suitable for carving, cultured pearls are a more viable choice.

Their thick layer makes it easier to carve these pearls.

In 1893, a viable technique for producing "Cultured Pearl Jewelry" was made in Japan.

The person responsible for this was Kokichi Mikimoto.
He first presented the world's first cultured semi-spherical pearl. 

Later, Kokichi Mikimoto, Shinpei Mise, and Tokichi Nishikawa were able to create the technology of maintaining and growing spherical pearls.

After 12 years, Mikimoto succeeded in culturing a spherical pearl with the use of Akoya oysters in 1905.

Because of this success, the Japanese cultured pearl became recognized around the world.

How Carved Pearl Jewelry Is Made

how to make carved pearl jewelry

The carving of pearls is quite modern and not a part of old practices.

Carvings are carried out by hand using carving tools.

The thicker the layer of nacre (Mother of Pearl), the more pronounced the sculptures can become.

Depending amongst others, the patterns can be more or less detailed on the size of the pearl and the skills and mastery of the tattooist resulting in both classic and rustic decoration of nature’s gem.

Different companies have their carved pearl designs.

For instance, in Japan, a person named Shinji Nakaba is a master of carving carefully into miniature objects.

One of his best-known works is the pearl skull, also known as “fairy skull.”

While Galatea Pearls, another jewelry company, patented its unique culturing process.

They start by putting a colored stone bead inside the oyster. The pearl is harvested and carved by hand after they coated the dot in pearl essence or “nacre.”

They are the only company yet to sell a cultured pearl with a colored gemstone center that’s carved by hand, allowing the color to shine through.

What Does Carved Pearl Jewelry Cost?

The value of carved pearl jewels can vary dramatically depending on many factors.

This could include its type, size, color, surface quality, and more.

The artist or company that carved the pearls may also affect its price. 

For instance, Tahitian pearls with dark colors are exotic.

Depending on their size and surface quality, a strand of Tahitian carved pearls can cost from around $500 to more than $25,000. 

Akoya pearls, on the other hand, are the classic round, white beads.

These are the first pearls to have ever been farmed.

These pearls can cost from around $300 to more than $10,000.

These are generally the smallest type of pearls on the market.

Evermeé’s Carved Pearl Jewelry

While Carved pearl jewelry can be expensive, evermée offers affordable pearl jewels in their locket designs.

Although their lockets in the affordable price range of $99 - $269, the materials used are of high quality and 100 percent genuine.

Moreover, evermeé’s pearl lockets are hand-carved, which means that each pearl in their lockets sports a unique carve. 

Mother of Pearl Jewels

Carved Pearl Jewelry Mother of Pearls Jewel

The Mother of pearl gemstone from evermeé is probably the most common choice with its iridescent shine when it comes to pearls.

It is considered a protection stone that brings gentle healing powers from the sea.

Moreover, the jewelry piece provides stress-relieving features as it calms a mood just by seeing it.

Many believe that pearls can help a person’s emotions become more harmonious and balanced.

Additionally, it also provides clearer thoughts and facilitates better expression.

As an influential pearls jewel, many would claim that pearls can activate the solar plexus and throat chakras.

Furthermore, it pushes wisdom form the heart out to the surrounding people, which enhances communication skills and provides guidance for more effective self-expression.

Because of this, the Mother of Pearl serves as a guiding gemstone for people who would like to use it to discover their hidden potentials.

The aura of this stone invites souls to use their inner wisdom and allows them to do everything with heart and intellect.

Black Pearls Jewel

Carved Pearl Jewelry Black Pearl

The black pearls jewel, on the other hand, has a mysterious aura surrounding it.

These are exotic and exceptionally rare.

While there are many varieties of black beads on the market, real black pearls thrive in the Tahitian and French Polynesian Islands.

These gems get their color from the nacre of the oysters they grow in, and black pearls are formed in the black-lipped bivalve mollusk Pinctada Margaritifera. 

The probability of finding pure black pearls are significantly low. Black pearls usually have shimmers of green, gold, blue, lavender, and pink on the surface.

Many believe that black pearls are a symbol of hope for broken hearts, while others say they carry healing powers.

Some ancient societies believed black pearls protected them from negative energy. 

Innovative Evermeé Carved Pearl Jewelry

Evermée's Pearl Lockets are one of a kind due to its technological features.

In addition to being a timeless and classical piece of jewelry, each piece showcases a futuristic vibe.

Each piece incorporates an NFC tag in the gemstone that stores a photo which fulfills its part as a locket.

The growing jewelry company also offers multiple options that make their lockets customizable.

Their pearl lockets are available in gold or silver with full moon or half-moon designs, and mother of pearl or black pearl variants. 

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