Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts

by Gerrit from evermée
the perfect bridal shower hostess gift

Finding the right bridal shower hostess gift can be daunting and challenging.

For starters, gift-giving is a difficult task on its own.

Add the pressure of giving it to the hostess who worked hard, and you have a recipe for a headache.

Before getting giddy about weddings and open bars, have you ever thought about what kind of gift to buy a bridal shower hostess?

There is no doubt that organizing a party is both time-consuming and exhausting.

Not to mention, this is the last party before the bride commits herself to the married life.

Thus, making it even harder for the hostess to plan a bridal shower.

Undoubtedly, the bride should find the perfect gifts for shower hostesses.

If you have not thought of it much, then it is time for you to consider the amount of love that hostesses pour into their work, making them deserving of bridal shower hostess gifts.

Every woman has a best friend of some sort.

As a friend, it is the role of the hostess to support the bride-to-be through everything.

Bad or good times, she is by your side to offer you support.

Well, naturally, your appreciation is more than enough to show your friend how important she is in your life.

However, as a generation of extra people, you should give her a bridal shower hostess gift as a token that she will never forget.

Keep on scrolling through this post to find the perfect bridal shower hostess gift.

I’m here to help you find gifts for shower hostesses, whatever kind of personality she has. 

bridal shower gift ideas

Jewelry as gifts for shower hostesses 

There is no other gift for bridal shower hostesses that is remotely better than jewelry.

Unlike other presents that one may conveniently leave behind or forget, a hostess can never forget jewelry, especially if it makes her prettier.  


If you have not heard about digital lockets, then you are missing out on the good stuff, madame.

Evermee is a jewelry brand that creates personalized digital lockets.

By personalized and digital, I mean high definition locket pictures.

You can change the picture that the pendant displays anytime you want.

So, if you are thinking of a personalized hostess gift for a bridal shower, then a locket is your best choice.

Let me save you the trouble and browse their locket options. Just click here.

If a locket is not your hostess' style, there is a wide array of jewelry you can choose as a bridal shower hostess gift. 


If you think that the pendants of lockets are too chunky, then you can choose a traditional necklace as gifts for shower hostesses.

According to love gurus, the piece of jewelry symbolizes commitment and eternal love.

So, what better choice would it be to show how much you love your best friend than to get her a necklace as a bridal shower hostess gift. Right? 


Of course, not all person adores necklaces.

If your hostess is one of those people, then go for bracelets.

As gifts for shower hostesses, bracelets can also act as friendship bracelets.

Isn't it adorable to gift your hostess a friendship bracelet?

If you purchase a bracelet as a bridal shower hostess gift, then this can mean that you want your best friend to have a token of your everlasting friendship.

Aside from its visual charm, it can also have a deeper meaning that both of you understand.  


Earrings are among the most subtle jewelry that one may receive.

If you purchase earrings as your thank you gifts for bridal shower hosts, then your hosts will love them as they are versatile wearables.

You can also choose a design that your hosts can wear during the wedding.

While you walk down the aisle, you can spot your thank you gifts for bridal shower hosts.

Ultimately, any jewelry that you buy that your hosts or hostess wear during the wedding will bring extra joy during your special day.

Now, if giving jewelry isn’t your thing, then there are still plenty of choices for thank you gifts for bridal shower hosts.

Below is a list of suggestions for the best bridal shower hostess gifts aside from jewelry. 

Hostess gift ideas

Cheap Gifts For Shower Hostesses

Some gifts look like they are shitty gifts.

At first sight at least.

Let me show you a perfect example.

Slippers For The Hostess

I know what you’re thinking, your friend will kill you if you gift her a slipper.

However, calm yourself and hear me out on my rationale.

Slippers can be one of the most memorable and unique gifts for bridal shower hostesses if you find the right pair.

It symbolizes that you want them to feel comfortable after they worked their best to give you a once in a lifetime party.

While they might be a cheap hostess gift for a bridal shower, the thought that goes into it is underrated. 

Scented Candles As A Bridal Shower Gift

After the time they invested in your party, your hostess needs to relax to melt all the tension away.

What about a bath with scented candles and calming music?

If that doesn't make your hostess feel relaxed, then something might be wrong.

Buying this as a thank you gift for a bridal shower host would be great.

A scented candle would be a beautiful gift for bridal shower hostesses as they show that you care for them.  

The All-Time Classic: Wine

If you and your hostess enjoy watching a series with a bottle of wine, then you know the drill, honey.

A bottle of wine is the perfect bridal shower hostess gift for your lovely wine connoisseur.

Of course, do not get a wine that you usually buy on usual days.

Get a special bottle for a special occasion.

Plus, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, then you can readily purchase wine as a last-minute bridal shower gift option. 

An indoor house-plant

Is your host or hostess a plant enthusiast?

If you answered yes, then indoor houseplants, as gifts for shower hostesses, will be perfect.

Do you remember how you feel validated when others remember small details about you that you thought they would have forgotten?

The same validation happens when you give your plant-loving friend a house plant.

Alright! I am sure that you have an idea of what bridal shower hostess gifts you should get for your best friend.

I know that gift-giving is challenging, but any suggestion from this list will ultimately make her feel special and appreciated.

The search for the perfect hostess gifts for your bridal shower should be less of a hassle, especially if you are sincerely grateful for what she has done for you.

If you thought of other gifts for shower hostesses to give her, then do not be afraid to go off our suggestion.

As her best friend, only you can select the best gift that will make her the happiest hostess.

The years you knew each other is enough to know what present to get her. A woman knows how to love with all her heart.

If your best friend truly loves you, then any hostess gifts for a bridal shower will do. After all, the perfect gifts for your shower hostess are not material-- it’s YOU!

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of gift-giving.

If you cannot afford to buy gifts for shower hostesses, there is no need to worry.

Let me tell you that the perfect gift for your shower hostess is none other than yourself.

Just be there for her when she needs you, just like she will be there for you if you need her.

If you want to see more suggestions for cheap yet meaningful gifts for shower hostesses, you can visit WeddingWire to learn more. 

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