Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader

by Gerrit from evermée

Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader?

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

On your hunt for high quality jewelry, you've probably had to decide between the brands Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader a few times before.

Today, we're going to throw our brand "evermée" in the mix as well.

Our fine jewelry with the personal, unique touch could exactly be what you are looking for. 

What separates us from Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader, you may ask?

Well, we subtly embedded passive technology in our necklaces, so that you can upload a photo in your necklace and change it anytime. 

This is the result:

Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader? Or evermée?

Before we're going to give you more insights on which of those two would suit you better, we wanted to point out a few advantages of our digital necklaces.

Yes, we may be a bit biased and overly in love with our own jewelry, but hear me out. 

At evermée, we only use the best materials to produce our jewelry while keeping the prices fair. Hence, we work with 925 Sterling Silver and 18 carat gold. 

Same as Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader do. 

However, we exclusively use recycled silver to make our jewelry. This way, we leave a way smaller environmental footprint on earth compared to using regular silver. 

Secondly, the genuine gemstone that sits inside the your necklace is made by hand. 

Our master silversmiths carefully sand and polish every single gemstone that we produce. The precision they maintain during this process is unmatched.

Thirdly, while we produce our jewelry in the same quality as Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader do, we offer lower prices. 

We can do this, because we don't have costly retail shops to maintain and we keep our marketing spend at a minimum.

We trust that having a truly unique product of highest quality will be enough to spread the word organically. 

Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée
Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone - digital lockets by evermée

Midnight Necklace – Lapis Lazuli Gemstone


Imagine the look on her face when you first scan the necklace and surprise her with a cute photo that sits inside the stunning necklace! You'll feel like a magician who just conjured awe into the face of someone you dearly love.  

The Lapis Lazuli gemstone in the center of the necklace expresses that she is a strong person, courageous person that you highly honor.

✔️ no battery
✔️ no charging
✔️ no radiation
✔️ standard comes with 1 memory slot
✔️ remotely change photos anytime, from anywhere
✔️ interchangeable Red Jasper gemstone 

Works with iPhone 7 or higher and for 95% of all Android phones. If in doubt, you can google if your phone is nfc compatible.

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Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader - Power Women

More than an indication of societal echelons, prestige, and romantic commitments, jewelry has evolved to be a forceful identifier of women empowerment and emancipation.

Gone are the days when women had to patiently wait for their husbands by the door with drinks in hand.

Gone are the days when husbands had to bring home boxes of diamond necklaces to their wives as an apology.

Gone are the days when women felt like they needed men to spoil them instead of spoiling themselves.

In this house, we honor women empowerment; and nothing feels more empowering than treating yourself to a piece of fine jewelry.

Society’s progressive nature has allowed daring women to push the outdated male-centric presuppositions of purchasing jewelry.

Get to know the stories of Bec Astley Clarke MBE and Monica Vinader — two champions of women empowerment who have taken the world by storm through diamonds.

astley clarke or monica vinader pink opal

Our pink opal edition

astley clarke or monica vinader pink opal

Our turquoise edition

Bec Astley Clarke MBE

Bec Clarke came from a long line of geneticists, mountaineers, politicians, and artists.

Living up to the family name’s prestige, she made her debut by shattering preconceived notions and pursuing modern approaches in the jewelry industry at full speed.

In 2006, she built the brand Astley Clarke from the ground up, which was then categorized as an online retailing shop.

Her experience in e-commerce helped the business sell products from international jewelry designers such as Carolina Bucci, Pippa Small, Shaune Leane, Katie Hillier, and Alex Monroe.

A few years later, Astley Clarke began designing their own jewelry.

Soon enough, she fully transitioned from being a jewelry retailer to a jewelry brand that only sells her own designs.

Astley Clarke’s ritzy jewelry collection is forged only by the finest artisans in optimum conditions.

It's the kind of jewelry that every woman deserves and nothing less.

From classy friendship bracelets to colorful engagement rings, Astley Clarke has you covered.

Each piece is carefully curated to elevate your everyday style, not just during special occasions.

More than that, Astley Clarke normalizes stackability and collectability in luxury jewelry.

Bec was regarded as the pioneer in online luxury retailing for creating the first luxury brand that’s accessible for purchase on the web.

“Luxury brands, and jewelry brands, in particular, were very slow to start online,” says Bec to Business of Fashion when asked about her reason for diving into luxury jewelry.

Clarke has also decided to adopt Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Hangouts for business meetings and operations to ensure efficiency that brings an “organic process that fits [their] creative flow.”

In another interview, she explained how most jewelry brands market romantic gift purchases to men.

She saw this as a rather peculiar move since Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader both leaned more towards marketing the jewelry to professional, intelligent women who would buy jewelry for themselves.

Bec believes that buying luxury jewelry is an experience that all women must-have.

Even though Astley Clarke was originally sold online, it has ventured into offline stores like Liberty, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods in the UK where women can drop by.

To top that all off, Clarke plans on building a large flagship in London as well in the near future.

Astley Clarke, at its very core, is a brand by women, for women.

No one compares to the cohesive fusion of convenience and luxury that this brand brings to the table.

With that, Bec was inducted as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for “services to jewelry” by Her Royal Majesty the Queen in December 2013.

Our jewelry is made from recycled 925 Sterling silver and we offer different 6 gemstones.

Monica Vinader

Even though Monica Vinader spent most of her life in Madrid, she attended the City and Guilds of London Art School to study fine and decorative arts.

She also started a business in South America with her husband, Nick Zoll. 20 years ago, they relocated to rural Norfolk and opened a studio.

Immediately when they got back to the UK, she reached out to her business-savvy little sister, Gabriela, for a proposition.

The two had a good relationship and everything they needed to start a business together.

Sensing the gap between fine and fashion jewelry, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Monica Vinader visualized her brand to be a bridge that could allow women to wear luxury jewelry for everyday use.

Monica was sure she needed her sister as a partner if she’s going to build the jewelry empire she’s envisioning.

With the two of them having complementary skill sets, commercial ambition united the Vinader sisters together to create the Monica Vinader Jewellery Company.

With her sister Gaby as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Monica’s eponymous luxury brand was founded in 2008.

First starting out with making bespoke jewels for private clients, Monica wanted to make sure that each piece in her collection felt personal.

With more than a decade in business and £100 million net-worth, it’s safe to say that the Vinader sisters know what they’re doing.

Empowered by the idea that women don’t really need their husbands’ permission to buy jewelry and that women could buy it for themselves, Monica Vinader’s pro-women outlook launched her multi-million business.

Bringing affordable, beautifully made, fine jewelry to all walks of women was the main purpose of Vinader.

Monica Vinader or Astley Clarke are all about bringing beautiful selections of simple and sleek bracelets, gemstone rings, and diamond pendants that are suitable to all tastes.

More than the sum of its currency of vermeil bracelets and diamond pendant charms, the brand’s custom jewelry is a symbol of friendship, sisterhood, and women empowerment.

It’s a luxury commodity that’s for women, by women.

Today, Monica is considered as one of the most sought-after and inspirational women in business.

To further emphasize women empowerment, self-gifting is something that she strongly advocates for.

astley clarke or monica vinader or evermee

Our classic editions – Mother of Pearls and Tahitian Black Pearl.

In an interview with Professional Jeweller, she points out that more consumers are getting conscious of corporate social responsibility.

For Monica Vinader or Astley Clarke, they get to practice self-regulation and accountability with the help of charities like Women for Women International.

With the success of Monica Vinader over the years, it’s no wonder celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, Bella Hadid, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rita Ora, and even the Duchess of Cambridge have been seen to wear Vinader jewelry.

“[We have] lots of new pieces launching that we think our customers are going to love,” Monica enthusiastically states when asked about their future plans.

From the looks of it, this whirlwind of a brand won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Monica Vinader and Astley Clarke's designs are wonderful additions to women’s jewelry boxes around the world.

Not just because of their elegance but because of what they represent.

Both of these women think progressively in a way that allows women to make their own choices especially when it comes to jewelry.

Whether you wear Astley Clarke or Monica Vinader, one thing’s for sure — you’ll be part of a movement that not only revels in the finer things in life but also forwards women empowerment and emancipation.

If you're looking for the same kind of quality jewelry, but rather like to wear something lesser known and at the same time more unique jewelry, you should check out evermée necklaces as well.

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