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Anniversary Gift For Year 2

When looking for anniversary gifts for year 2 of your marriage or relationship, you will come across one answer: Cotton.

While cotton may be a traditional gift to give, we don't really think it's a good one. 

Imagine you handing over ... cotton?

If you listen closely, you might hear the subtle irony in the voice of your girlfriend when she says 

"Wow, thank you!".

Don't be scared, though – we got you and will show you the best anniversary gifts for year 2 of your relationship. 


Anniversary Gifts For Year 2 – Cotton

Cotton kind of looks cool, doesn't it?

Like a manly flower bucket. 

If you asked me why it's a traditional 2 years anniversary gift – I'd have to tell you that I have no idea!

So I did a little bit of research and found out this:  

The traditional second-year anniversary gift cotton stands for strength and comfort. The interwoven threads represent your marriage that becomes more integrate an connected over time. 

Well, this makes sense in a metaphoric way.

However, that doesn't make cotton suddenly very romantic or thoughtful, does it?

This is why cotton itself isn't a very good anniversary gift. 

You could try and get a romantic gift made out of cotton, though. 

A pillow case made out of cotton wouldn't be too bad, maybe with custom printing?

Here is a cheesy suggestion: You can get a cotton pillow case customized with your initials and your anniversary date!

I'm quite certain that she'd like the gift, but it's not quite what she deserves, right?

Not precious enough for my taste.  

Another idea would be a cotton bathrobe that expresses how much you appreciate your quality time in the bathtub. 


Porcelain and China as 2 Years Anniversary Gift

Porcelain and china are other so-called modern anniversary gifts for year 2 that seem to be trendy when you ask the rest of the internet. 

Yes, there are cool porcelain plates or china sets out there. 

But do they strike you as a cool gift for someone you love so much?

I mean, a half-way good effort at making a personal gift for your anniversary would be to buy a customized porcelain cup to make it a bit more personal.

The cup shouldn't be the gift – you bringing her coffee to bed every morning for the rest of your life should be the gift. 

But then it's more about what you do with this porcelain cup and not about the cup itself. 

So I think it's a decent idea if you both love to enjoy coffee or tea together. Still not too precious of an anniversary gift, though.

And – don't tell me I didn't warn you if she seems somewhat disappointed in your gift. 


Jewelry as Anniversary Gift for Year 2

Take a guess what we think of jewelry as a gift?

Of course, we love it!

We think that jewelry is always a good idea and you won't find many women who disagree. 

However, we also think that an anniversary deserves a special gift and regular jewelry is ... well, too regular, right?

We have  a suggestion that your girlfriend or wife might like and one suggestion that she will certainly LOVE. 

Suggestion 1: Engraved Jewelry

We love engraved jewelry.

Not as much as we love the second suggestion, but still.

Engraved jewelry as second year anniversary gift offers so many cool ways of customization. You don't always have to go for initials and some date.

You can get creative. 

For example, you could gift her a bracelet engraved with the coordinates of the place where you first kissed.

Or some other random place.

Like the Eiffel tower that I'm certain she wants to visit someday. 

Suggestion 2: Digital Lockets

We have an insider tip waiting for you right here. 

What could be more personal and precious than gifting your love memories ... inside jewelry?

Inside beautiful, high quality jewelry to say the least!

It's crazy what kind of reactions we have seen from happy women who received our digital locket as a gift from their boyfriend or husband.

That's why we are so confident in saying this – these digital lockets are at the top of the best anniversary gifts for year 2!

Before I tell you what makes them such a great gift, I'll show you first how they work:


Why It's the Best Anniversary Gift For Year 2

These lockets literally allow you to gift photo memories inside jewelry ... without looking like jewelry  from the 18th century!

Traditional lockets usually have a rather traditional look, whereas these digital lockets don't even look like a locket at all.

They are modern, elegant, and can be worn as day-to-day jewelry, suiting many different outfits. 

Also, your girlfriend or wife won't even know it's a locket at first sight. 

Until you tap her jewelry with your phone and the photo you uploaded into her locket pops up on the phone screen!

You can change the photo anytime you want, so this is a gift that keeps your relationship fresh and exciting in the long-run.

Can't say that about a voucher for a decent 90-minute massage that she will have forgotten about three month later, can you? 

And the price is the same. 

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