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All Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted

Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted

There are hundreds of gemstones you can find in today’s market, and this article will highlight some of the gemstones sold out there.

These gemstones are classified according to their colors and place of origin. 

Here at evermée, we currently use 8 genuine gemstones to create our so called gemstone mementos. In a highly complex procedure, we splice gemstones into to thin halves and embed technology inside the gemstone. Afterwards, the gemstones are brought into shape by handwork!

All this allows you to upload a photo into your gemstone and immortalize one single photo memory inside. Think of it as a locket gemstone, where you can see the immortalized photo memory on your phone screen whenever you tap your phone against your gemstone memento. 

Now, let’s have a look at the most common gemstones in depth:

green malachite wow gemstone


Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted A - B

Amazonite – Amazonite is found worldwide. However, large deposits of this gemstone exist in Burma (Myanmar), Russia, Madagascar, India, Ethiopia, Brazil, and the US (Colorado and Virginia).

Amethyst – this gemstone is produced in Brazil, at the state of Minas Gerias. 

Ametrine – it originally came from Brazil, but Bolivia is the major source of the ametrine gemstone. 

Ammolite – this is one of the rarest materials in the world. All the world’s supply of Ammolite comes from a small region, along the St. Mary’s River, in Alberta Canada. 

Andalusite – its name comes from Andulasia, a Spanish Province where it was discovered. Also, the beautiful dark green types of andalusite come from Sri Lanka, while the green andalusite gemstones originate from Brazil. 

Anyolite – also known as Ruby Zoisite, it was discovered by Tom Blevins in Longido mining district, northeast Tanzania. Its name is derived from the word “Anyoli," which means green in Maasai. 

Apatite – this gemstone is found in several areas around the world. This included Kenya, India, Burma (Myanmar), Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, and the US. The highly desirable neon blue-green apatite comes from Madagascar. 

Aquamarine – Brazil is the leading producer of this stone. However, this stone is also found in other countries including China, Burma (Myanmar), Australia, Kenya, Mozambique, India, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe. 

Aventurine – most of the green and blue-green aventurine comes from India—mostly in Chennai and Mysore. The creamy gray, white, and orange aventurine is found in Spain, Russia, and Chile. 

Azurite – this stone comes from different locations all over the world. But, the most important locations include Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah (USA). Other countries like Mexico, Congo, Namibia, Australia, France, and Morocco are known to produce this stone. 

Azurmalachite – this gemstone is mostly found in France, Namibia, U.S., Australia, England, Romania, Russia, and Congo. 

Beryl – different varieties of this gemstone can be found in granitic pegmatites. However, Beryl is also found in limestone in Colombia and in mica schists in the Ural Mountains. 

  • Beryl (Red) – this is one of the rarest variety of the beryl gemstone. It is mostly mined in Wah Wah Mountains of Beaver County, Utah.

Benitoite – this is also another rare gemstone. The gemstone comes from San Benito County, CA, just as its name suggests. 

Bloodstone – most of the bloodstone that is used all over the world come from India. However other countries like Australia, Madagascar, China, and Brazil do produce this stone. In the US, there are small deposits of bloodstone found in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and California. 

turquoise gemstone alphabetically sorted


Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted C - H

Chrysoberyl – its name is derived from Greed words chrysos and beryllos, meaning “gold-white bar.” This gemstone is mostly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, China, Burma, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe .

Chrysoprase – the gemstone can be found in different places all over the world. However, some countries like Brazil, Poland, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, India, and Zimbabwe are known to produce this stone.

Cordierite – this gemstone is named after Louis Cordier, a French geologist who discovered it in Níjar, Almería, Spain. 

Diamond – Russia holds almost 50% of the world's diamond deposits. Other sources include the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Botswana, Canada, Angola, and Australia. 

  • Diamonds (Blue) – It is said that blue diamonds come from only three areas, South Africa, Australia, and India. 
  • Diamonds (Brown) – these diamonds are sourced from Argyle mine in Australia, Brazil, Congo, Borneo, and Angola.
  • Diamonds (Colored) – the major source of diamonds colored with graining defects is the Argyle mine in Australia. 
  • Diamonds (Green) – Green diamonds come from Kollur mine, Andhra Pradesh State in India, Borneo, and Central Africa (rarely).
  • Diamonds (Yellow) – yellow diamonds are found in several countries, including Angola, Brazil, Congo, Central Africa, Borneo, and Sierra Leone.
  • Did you know that there are man-made diamonds that are more friendly towards mother earth than mining regular diamonds? 

Dinosaur Bone – this is found in the green siltstone beds and lower sandstones of the flood plains and rivers of Utah and Colorado within the Morrison Formation.

Diopside – this gemstone is mostly found in Siberia and Russia.

Dryhead Agate – the gemstone originates in various countries, including the USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil & Africa.

Emerald – Colombia produces most of the emeralds in the world. It is estimated that close to 90% of the  emeralds in the entire world come from Colombia. 

Fluorite – the leading suppliers of fluorite include the US, South Africa, Mexico, China, and Mongolia.

Gaspeite – gaspeite is another rare stone since most of its deposits have been depleted. It is mostly found in Australia and Canada. 

Garnet - Pyrope Garnet is found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Thailand. Almandite comes from some parts of Brazil, India, Madagascar, and the US. Spessartite is also found in Brazil, as well as China, Kenya, and Madagascar. Grossularite garnet, on the other hand,  is found in Myanmar, Zambia, and South Africa. 

Gem Silica – it is found in a few locations, including the US (Arizona and New Mexico), Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Geodes – these gemstones are found in different places all over the world, but they are mostly concentrated in desert areas.  

Goldstone – this gemstone was invented by the Miotti Family, in Venice, Italy. 

Goshenite – this gemstone is found in different locations all over the world, including North and South America, Africa, Asia, Northern Europe, Brazil, China, Canada, Colombia, Russia, and Mexico.

Green Beryl – this gemstone can be found in several countries including South Africa, Russia, India, Pakistan, and South America. 

Helenite – this is an artificial glass that is crafted from the fused volcanic rock dust, which comes from Mount St. Helens. This glass is then sold as a gemstone. 

Heliodor – this is a golden yellow stone that comes from Rossing, Erongo, in Western Namibia. 

Hematite – the world’s leading producers of this stone include Australia, Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States. 

Howlite – The howlite gemstone was first discovered by a Canadian. It's color is quite hard to display, sometimes it looks white and sometimes almost creamy. It makes it the perfect gemstone if you love some variety for your locket. Check it out the silver half moon version here


Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted I - P

Iolite – mostly, it’s used as a cheaper substitute for sapphire. It is found in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, India, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the United States. 

Iris Agate – most iris agates come from Oregon, United States. 

Jade – Burma, China as well as other countries in Southeast Asia are among the largest producers of the. However, small deposits are found in other countries like Russia, Guatemala, and Mexico. 

Jet – this stone comes from European countries like Spain and Germany, but the finest jet stone comes for North Yorkshire, in England. 

K2 Granite – this is a unique stone mined from Mount Godwin Austen, or the K2 mountain in Pakistan, which is the second highest mountain in the world. 

Kyanite – the deposits of kyanite are found in different locations in the world. But, some of the major sources of this stone include Austria, Brazil, India, Kenya, Nepal, Russia, Serbia, and Zimbabwe.

Labradorite – this gemstone was first discovered in Labrador, Canada in 1970. However, other deposits have been found in Australia, Madagascar, Mexico, Finland, Russia, and the United States.

Lapis Lazuli – this stone majorly comes from the mines in northeast Afghanistan. Also, Lake Baikal, Russia does produce significant amounts of this mineral. Out of this gemstones alphabetically sorted list, we use the Lapiz Lazuli gemstone the most for our lockets. Check the most popular locket out here

Malachite – the malachite stone mostly comes from Congo, Zaire, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Romania, Chile, and the US. Here at evermée, we specialized on reworking and shaping the green malachite gemstone. Every time you hold this gemstone in your hand, you will think: "Malachite wow!". The patterns of the green stone are almost mesmerizing, making it one of the favorites of everyone. Check it out here

green malachite wow


Maw Sit Sit – also known as jade-albite, maw sit sit comes from northern Burma. 

Moldavite this is an assortment of Tektite (meteorite), which is found near the Vltava River, Czech Republic. 

Montana Moss Agate – this gemstone comes from the alluvial gravels of the Yellowstone River, together with its tributaries, in Montana. 

Morganite – this can be found in several places, but it is mostly produced in Brazil and Madagascar. 

Opal – 90% of the world's precious opal comes from Australia. Other countries that produce this precious gem include Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Hungary, Nicaragua, Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, and Guatemala.

  • Opal (Cat’s eye) – this gemstone is mined at Western Australia. 
  • Opal (Common) – this gemstone originated in various countries including Peru, Western Australia, Mexico, Kenya, and the USA.
  • Opal (Ethiopian) – named after its country of origin, it is mined at Menz Gishe District, Shewa Province, Ethiopia. 
  • Opal (Fire) – Mexico has been the world’s major supplier of fire opal. Other sources include Ethiopia, Brazil, Honduras, USA, and Guatemala.
  • Opal (Morado) – this variety of opal is found in Mexico. 
  • Opal (Precious) – this is any opal that has a play of color, and it can be found in different localities where opal is mined. 

Organic Gems – these are animal or plant materials that have been crafted to create gemstones. 

Palm Wood – this gem comes from the palm trees in Oligocene Epoch, in the state fossil of Louisiana. 

Peanut Wood – the peanut wood gemstone majorly comes from Australia. 

Peridot – most of these gemstones come from Arizona, China, and Pakistan, and they are usually under 3 carats. 

Petrified Wood – derived from the Spanish words “petro” meaning rock, is wood that literary turned into rock. It comes from different countries all over the world. 

Polka Dot Agate – this gemstone mostly comes from the Priday Agate Beds of central Oregon

Prasiolite – these gemstones are found in many countries, but Colombia and Brazil are the major producers of the gemstone. 


Gemstones Alphabetically Sorted Q - Z

Quartz – the largest producers of quartz in the word are Brazil and the United. States. 

Red Jasper - The Red Jasper gemstone is known to be one of the favorite gemstones in the ancient world. And it's making a huge comeback, being one of the most popular gemstones of our era! Check out our red jasper locket here.

Rhodochrosite – this gemstone is found in many places where silver is mined in North and South America. Banded rhodochrosite comes from Capillitas, Argentina.

Rhodonite – there are only a few deposits of this gemstone across the world. Some of the sources include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Peru, Russia, and Sweden.

Rose Quartz – this gemstone is commercially mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, and the USA

Ruby – the most recent ruby deposit was found in Myanmar. However, other countries like Thailand, Cambodia, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and Pakistan do produce ruby. 

Sapphire – The famous sources of this gemstone include Burma, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. Other sources are Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Vietnam. 

  • Sapphire (Fancy) – major sources of fancy sapphire include India, Burma, Australia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. 

Scapolite – the colorless and yellow variety of this gemstone come from Myanmar, while the transparent yellow scapolite comes from Tanzania. Other countries like Switzerland, Madagascar, Tasmania, Norway, and Canada also produce this gemstone. 

Serpentine – this gemstone originates from different places in the world, including Canada, Afghanistan, Britain, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, and China.  

Smoky Quartz – this sacred stone is considered to be the national gemstone of Scotland. Other deposits of this stone can be found in Africa, Australia, and the USA. 

Sodalite – originally, sodalite was discovered in Narsaq, Greenland. Other large deposits are found in Brazil, Italy, and Canada. 

Sphalerite – this gemstone is mined in a dozen countries, including Peru, Canada, and Mexico. 

Sphene – deposits of this gemstone can be found in Brazil, Myanmar, Kenya, India, Mexico, Madagascar, Austria, USA, and Sri Lanka. 

Spinel – the two famous producers of this gemstone are Sri Lanka and Burma. It is also found in other countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Spodumene – deposits of this gemstone are found all over the world. However, the most notable sources include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the US. 

Strontium Titanate – it was originally discovered in Siberia, Russia, but other occurrences have been discovered in Japan and Paraguay. 

Sunstone – the most famous deposit of this stone is in Oregon, USA. Other sources include Canada, India, Norway, Russia, and Tanzania. 

Tanzanite – these gemstones are found in one location on earth—Tanzania. The mines are located in Merelani Hills, near Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Tiger's-Eye – the two major sources of this gemstone are Australia and South Africa. 

Tiffany Stone – this gemstone is mined in one place in the entire world—Brush Wellman beryllium mine, at Spor Mountain, western Utah.

Titanite – deposits for this gemstone are found in different locations including Morocco, Madagascar, Brazil, and Pakistan. 


Topaz – today, the leading producer of this gemstone is Brazil. Other countries like Australia, Nigeria, Russia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Pakistan also produce topaz. 

Tourmaline – Brazil has been the leading source of this gemstone. Other sources include Afghanistan, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, the US, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Turquoise – currently, turquoise is produced in countries like USA, Chile, China, Mexico, Iran, and Egypt. Our turquoise gemstone locket is one of our classics and sells out super fast every time we stock up. Check it out here

turquoise golden moon gemstone


Turritella Agate – the gemstone comes from the fossiliferous agate, which is found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming.

Unakite – this gemstone was discovered in the United States, but is it also found in other areas like South Africa, Brazi, Sierra Leone, and China.

Variscite – Variscite found in Utah, Nevada, USA, and other locations like Brazil, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Poland. 

Wonderstone – there are several deposits of this stone all over the world including Myanmar (Burma), several African Countries, Brazil, USA, and Colombia. 

Zircon – this gemstone can be found in various countries including the USA, Australia, Mozambique, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Indonesia, China, and Brazil. 

Zoisite – Tanzania is the leading world producer of this gemstone. Other sources include Kenya, Pakistan, India, Norway, and Austria. 


Gemstones Used at evermée

At evermée, we decided to use black pearl, lapis lazuli, red jasper, pink opal, mother of pearls, howlite, green malachite, and turquoise to create our beautiful smart lockets.

Check out all of our smart lockets here

Which one is your favorite gemstone that you would like us to use next?

Let us know in the comments!

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