A Perfect Xth (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) Anniversary Gift!

by Gerrit from evermée

Real love stories have no ending, and an anniversary is a recurring milestone in that never ending journey.

"It's our anniversary! How many years have passed on!" said the loving wife to her husband; the same lines can be heard from the husband as well.

Or a newly committed girlfriend to her boyfriend and vice versa.

What also matters is the small ways to celebrate, so we all remember the little joyous things.

You don't always need to make the anniversary into a grand affair.

Sometimes, your wife or girlfriend can be surprised by small surprises.

Not to forget, your anniversary is a perfect way and day to express yourself.

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Want to make your anniversary a little special? Then how about some gifts to make it work?

But wait, is that necessary? Of course, yes!

An anniversary gift isn't just a gift for your wife or girlfriend; it is a small gesture to say how much they mean to you.

But what to choose for them? Well, we are here to suggest some awesome ideas to spice it up.

The ideas will be gender-neutral so that our ladies can also reap the benefit for their boyfriends or husbands.

To make things easier, we have divided the category on the basis of a 10 year period of relationships.

So the idea would be beneficial for all those girlfriends out there to impress their partner as well as for those husbands to impress their spouses. 

Blossoming of relationship (0-10 years)

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This is the phase where the seeds of a relationship are sown.

The seed requires a good quality of soil, water, and manure in the form of love, trust, and surprises, respectively.

The better is upbringing, the better are the results. Since love here is tender, keep in mind the kind of gifts you present to your partner.

Start from simple gifts, and then as the intensity of love increases with each anniversary your gifts will have the deep intense meaning as this will strengthen the bond.

  • If your girlfriend likes to have a simplistic view of life, then gift her a beautiful collage of happy togetherness pictures. (1st year
  • A ceramic, customized coffee mug for your boyfriend for his after study coffee sessions. (2nd year)
  • A pair of simple wine glasses for your husband for some quality late Friday nights. (3rd year)
  • A juicer or a mixer for your wife. She also needs to stay fit, right! (4th year-the fruit year)
  • Wooden engraved a map of that city where you met your boyfriend or that city in which you proposed to her. (5th year)
  • Now metals can take place here as the bond is now stronger for more anniversaries.

    Gifts can be from an iron shaped like an ivory locket with engravings and customized with different metals.

    It can even be a soft fur for your wife, which you noticed in one of your tours.

    It can also be a set of leather accessories like a customized hand leather bracelet with your initials with a matching belt and shoes for your office going husband.

6th – 10th years

Overall, gifts here can be a mixture of memento and useful things, with a hinge towards memento. 

The Dream Anniversary (11-20 years)

Are you still having the spark for your better half?

If yes, then keep that spirit. If no, then start working.

This phase is the busiest with careers and the future.

Anniversary here keeps that spark.

Also, gifts now can have the privilege of being useful rather than being a souvenir.

So, some of the gift ideas can be:-

  • A fitness tracker for your husband for his busy work schedule.
  • A quick customized makeup set for your wife's quick tour.
  • An exquisite piece of Jewelry and when it comes to gifting a jewelry to the love of your life, then giving a beautiful necklace steals the show. 

    Try memories necklace that allows you to relish your moments of togetherness, making it the perfect gift!
  • A customized with happy pictures beverage tumbler to keep his favorite drink.
  • Other gifts can be jewelry, matching watches, and cutleries with printed T-shirts and wearables.

    Like a perfect suit for your boyfriend to flaunt in style or a cute but sharp formal suit set for your hard-working wife.

An age-old wine Anniversary (21 – 40 years)

Togetherness ages like a glass of wine if it is brewed perfectly. 

An age-old wine tastes better with each passing day.

A perfect time to somewhat relax from the hectic schedule.

Anniversary serves as an excuse to take a break from the pace of life.

Gifts here become a memory for old age to relieve and relish. 

So, some of the ideas can be:-

  • A customized gem pendant having a voice, video or maybe a picture for your loving wife who is with you in all your days.

    These lockets for girlfriends are the perfect gift for your better half. 
  • A perfect wine for a perfect husband keeps the cheeks and mood ever ready shining.
  • A customized wooden map with pins to attach the memories you had while traveling with your sweet wife for more adventures.
  • When silver (25th anniversary) arrives, plan a party to celebrate and raise a toast for each other’s health.
  • A BBQ set so that your husband can flaunt his cooking skills on a lazy Sunday.
  • Other gifts can be jade jewelry for couples with occasional gifts like handbags and things of daily use.

    You can also expand your taste in valuable gifts in this phase.

Till the very end Anniversary (41 years – Till the year of togetherness)

We can sense a ripe age to retire to sit back and enjoy the moments with your husband.

All you need is a good environment with chairs, tables, a cup of coffee, and some memories to munch on with your wife.

The anniversary would be mandatorily a part of your life by now.

So gifts would be usual but still would be having some uniqueness.

So here are some examples:-

  • These years would mark the year of gems i.e. Ruby (40th anniversary), Sapphire (45th anniversary), Gold (50th), Emerald (55th), Diamond (60th), and so on.

    So a basic idea would be to give some gems to your wrinkly yet pretty wife.
  • A special music player to enjoy some country music with your wife.

    Perhaps, over a glass of red wine or with an evening cup of coffee on a special cup gifted by her on your previous anniversary.
  • A luxury pen with a customized diary will be a perfect idea for your husband to write down his memories.
  • A customized reading glass for both will adorn well.
  • If your husband is a huge fan of golf, then give him a good golf set with those golf attire, so he can brag about your choices in front of his friends.
  • Other ideas can be some comfortable things, like bathing robe, informal yet comfy clothes for outdoors, etc. 
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There can be many more creative ideas from your side to add on apart from the ones discussed here.

All that is needed is your heart to keep the flame of your love life going on.

The anniversary serves as the station for gifts as oil for the fuel of trust, love, and honesty to add on.

If you are tight on budget but don’t want that to impact the relationship, then we are here to listen to you.

You can check the modern, customized yet grounded Lockets from Evermee.

We understand your priorities because love is eternal, and you should make it last till the very end.

Now you have some ideas to go on and invest in this love for a lasting partnership.  

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