A Guide To Waterproof Jewelry

by priyanshu rawat
A Guide To Waterproof Jewelry


  • Intro
  • Waterproof Jewelry: Myths and Facts
  • Which Jewelry is Waterproof and Which Is Not?
  • Pearl Jewelry
  • Diamond Jewelry?
  • Silver Jewelry?
  • Gold and Silver Plated Jewelry?
  • Brass Jewelry?
  • Platinum Jewelry?
  • Gold Jewelry?
  • Sterling Silver Jewelry?
  • Stainless Steel Jewelry?
  • Titanium Jewelry?
  • Supervision for your jewelry
  • Keep It Dry
  • Store It safely 
  • Servicing Is Must
  • Change Is Necessity 
  • Conclusion
Waterproof Jewelry

he hottest time of the year is just around the corner.

Like every year.

The scorching heat would make you dive into the ocean or swim in the pool.

In either case, wearing a piece of jewelry while you take the chill pill.

Is it a good idea?

Don't worry. We are here to shed some light on that.

Having jewelry enhances your natural beauty.

In such a way that it is unbeatable by other body care products.

But everything has a shelf life and becomes more vulnerable in water.

What we worry about the jewelry is its water resistance.

In this article, we will look into some of the pieces of jewelry.

Which are strict no to wear when you shower, go swimming, etc.

And others that are waterproof.

Waterproof Jewelry: Myths and Facts

Waterproof Jewelry

In the world, we live.

There are two kinds of people.

One who believe that every jewelry is resilient to water.

The other one who think otherwise.

Before we dive into the ocean of myths and facts surrounding this dilemma.

To unveil the truth, let us remind ourselves.

That almost all kinds of jewelry are crafted from exquisite metals, natural gemstones, and pearls.

To tell you the truth, some of these natural raw materials are not very waterproof.

No matter how well treated they are.

These are still vulnerable to moisture and water.

People who think jewelry is waterproof and people who think it isn’t.

They both are right in their own sense.

Like materials that are resilient to water. Some materials are not.

Let's have a look at which jewelry can be worn while you swim or take or bath.

And which cannot.

Which Jewelry is Waterproof and Which Is Not?

A Guide To Waterproof Jewelry

Before we find out which all pieces of jewelry are water-friendly and which are not.

Let’s remind ourselves that wearing jewelry is awesome and looks elegant too.

Complementing your outfit with a piece of jewelry can make you look splendid.

Especially when the jewelry is a blend of exquisiteness and technology.

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Wearing pearl in the water

It is a big no to wear pearl when you come in contact with water.

They are frangible, and their surface gets affected by water easily.

Keep pearl away from dust, soaps, and chemicals which you apply to your body.

Wipe them gently with a soft cloth to remove dust and oils after wearing.

Wearing diamond in water

Diamond is not at all waterproof jewelry.

When exposed to water and soaps, a film is created on its top.

Which wears away its shine.

Also, water causes wearing out of the surface.

Which softens its edges.

Wearing silver in water

Silver reacts with water and soaps, and alkaline oxidizes its surface.

It loses its shine and becomes black over time, even with frequent maintenance.

So it is advised to take off your silver belongings when you go for a swim.

Wearing gold and silver plated jewelry in water

We won’t suggest this as it will rapidly wear out the gold or silver plating on the metal.

Further, when it gets exposed to soaps and another alkaline.

The gold or silver surface chips off.

Leaving the alloy and making you feel helpless!

Wearing brass in water

Although brass is cheap, tough, and somewhat durable.

We still won't recommend it as a piece of waterproof jewelry as its shine withers away easily.

Although it can be maintained with timely cleansing and a bit of polish.

It demands frequent maintenance.

These were some not-so-good options for waterproof jewelry.

Let us now dive in with some other metals which can serve the purpose.


The most favorable option for waterproof jewelry is Platinum.

It is expensive but considering its magical effects of being durable and never fading away attitude.

It is worth the money.

It doesn't get tarnish and never gets oxidized.

So it is suitable for a longer run and a bright idea for your wedding ring.


If you think pure gold would solve your waterproofing problems.

Then it's a big no.

Pure gold is soft, which makes it easier to wear and tear.

Fourteen karats for the base variant and 18 karats for higher-end variant gold.

Are actually 60% and 75% gold, respectively.

And are more durable and don't lose their shine for a longer time.

Sterling Silver

It is a mixture of silver and other alloys like brass, copper, etc.

It is more durable and water-resistant than actual silver.

It is suitable for earrings, necklaces, buckles, etc.

But do keep it in proper care as sterling silver is still softer than gold and Platinum.

Stainless Steel

A mixture coating on iron, chromium, nickel, etc.

It is a composition of iron that prevents its rusting and is durable and easy to clean.

Making it a strong contender for waterproof jewelry.

Although it is not pure metal depending on mixtures.

316 stainless steel is widely used in the jewelry industry.

It has a clean mirror-like finish to give it a luxurious look at an affordable price.


If you find the durable, purest, hardest yet lightweight metal.

As a piece of jewelry.

You will consider it a jackpot.

Titanium fills the shoes of the properties mentioned.

It is extensively used in making surgical implants for your bodies.

It doesn't tarnish and provides a strong contender for waterproof jewelry.

But it is priced above Platinum.

Which means it can shake your bank balance.

Supervision For Your Jewelry

A Guide To Waterproof Jewelry

You should make an essential habit of taking care of your jewelry for all occasions.

So here are some suggestions for the same : -

Keep it dry

The best part is prevention.

Avoid them from coming in contact with water.

If accidentally done.

Then dry it as soon as possible.

Store it safely

Keep your jewelry in moisture-free bags and boxes.

Like velvet bags and plastic boxes to keep air out.

Servicing is must

Give them to a goldsmith.

For timely service and extend is life.

Change is necessity

Keep rotating your jewelry.

To give each of them a longer and healthier life.

To End,

These were some of the advised metals which can become your waterproof jewelry.

There are other metals too, but they require proper crafts and machinery.

Each metal requires maintenance, so make sure to keep them safe.

Jewelry completes everyone's final look.

Which altogether gives a final form of expression of personality.

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