24k Gold Necklaces: Buyer’s Guide

by Gerrit from evermée
24k gold necklace


  • Intro
  • What is 24k gold?
  • Difference between 22k and 24k gold necklace
  • Where to buy authentic 24k gold necklaces from? 
  • Is Asian gold different from other golds?
  • Factors to consider when purchasing a 24k gold necklace
  • Build
  • Gold chain karat
  • Shape and design
  • Finding a vendor
  • How much is a 24k gold necklace?
  • What necklace designs are available?
  • How to take care of your Gold Necklace?
  • Cleaning your 24k gold jewelry
  • When is pure 24k gold necklace appropriate a a gift?
  • Bottom Line

24k magic in the air, right?
Chances are you did not get that lame joke.

Chances are you want to buy a 24k gold necklace for him, her, or yourself.

But what do you know about 24k gold jewelry (before making that purchase)?

Most people do not know the difference between 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold necklaces.

Learn more about it in this gold jewelry buyer's guide. 

What is 24k Gold?

24k gold necklaces

It is the purest real gold type available, unlike 22k, 18k, 10k, and 14k gold, made from an alloy of real gold and other metals.

Therefore, it gives it a rich, elegant, bright, and powerful color that attracts the eye.

A 24k gold necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry you would ordinarily wear to carry around someone's beautiful memory, enhance your drip (most importantly).

Or you are just used to gold products and want to spice it up with something better.

What is the Difference Between 22k and 24k Gold Necklace?

24k gold necklaces

While Karat almost sounds like a healthy snack you would enjoy, in jewelry terms, it signifies the finesse of gold, unlike carat, which represents gemstones' weight.

Therefore, wearing a 24k gold necklace as opposed to 22k means that you are carrying pure gold.

24k is bright yellow, and its shine and beauty are unmatched.

On the other hand, a 22k gold necklace implies that you carry around approximately 91% pure gold.

The other 9% is usually either silver, copper, or other metals.

A good number of jewelry shops or vendors deal in gold products. Unsuspecting customers fall for cheap and fake products.

However, one can easily link up with a trustworthy dealer on Etsy or at Evermee.  

Where Can I Buy Authentic 24k Gold Necklaces? 

Buying a gold necklace at a physical shop can be the most convenient option.

However, buying the same online can be a safer and investor-friendly way to purchase gold jewelry.

Amazon connects buyers with authentic gold products.

Quality may be guaranteed, but it leaves some room for doubt, especially if the vendor has a minimal reputation.

Other reputable vendors in the real gold industry include GoldSilver, with a standing reputation.

Evermee, which is one of the best 24k gold necklace vendors gives an option to customize your jewelry to transform a necklace into memories necklace a much better option than a momentum necklace

Purchasing gold jewelry online is advantageous is a number of ways-you will have massive inventory to choose from.

You will also get competitive prices and the convenience of comparing different gold products from different vendors.

However, there are inherent risks in buying valuable gold jewelry online.

You need to consider several factors when shopping for the best 24k gold necklace.

Other options for legitimate gold jewelry vendors include:

  • Pictures on Gold-

    It acquires its name from its main product, which is a locket with lasered-in color photos.

    It has all the main types of chains offered in 14k yellow and white gold. 
  • Frost NYC- 

    Having served several influential celebrities with real gold products, it is undoubtedly a good choice for your gold necklace. 
  • Neiman Marcus-

    It is an American chain of luxury department stores. They sell the best 24k gold necklaces for women.  
Evermée 24k gold necklaces

Is Asian Gold Different from Other Golds?

Not really. In fact, all gold is the same.

Since Asia does not have adequate gold to support the demand, China and India are the two Asian states that majorly import gold jewelry from other countries.

The difference in Asian gold and gold from other places, for instance, Italy, in terms of jewelry, is gold content and craftsmanship.

The Italians, for example, are known for a high craftsmanship level in jewelry.  

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a 24k Gold Necklace

Before purchasing a 24k gold necklace for him or her, check out these several factors you need to pay attention to:

  • Build of the gold chain.

    Is the gold chain solid, hollow, or plated?

    Plated gold chains are cheaper.

    The disadvantage is the plating wears off eventually, exposing the metal underneath.

    You may need to have it re-plated if you want the gold color to be restored.

    Some gold chains are designed hollow, meaning they feel lighter than solid pieces of similar size.

    They are cheaper and are easy to damage, making them almost impossible to repair.

    Solid 24k gold chain necklaces are not advisable if you are after durability
  • Choosing the gold chain karat.

    Keep in mind that the purer the gold, the softer and less durable the necklace will be.

    If you are going to look good in gold daily, consider 10k and 14k gold chains since they have a high percentage of non-gold alloys
  • Shape and design.

    The shape and design is vital to ensure you are comfortable with the purchase.

    Most gold necklace designs are circular. You can also find those shaped like a heart.

    What is more important is ensuring you get the correct 24k gold content.
  • Finding a vendor.

    To find the right gold necklace vendor for women or men, go to reputable jewelers, for example, Cartier and Graff.

    The downside to these is the high premium they place on their products. 

If you are looking for budget-friendly 24k gold necklaces, seek independent dealers who sell exquisite products.

Have you ever heard of the two surfer friends Jonas and Gerrit, who ended up making cool tech jewelry?

How Much is a 24k Gold Necklace?

Gold necklace prices are determined primarily by purity. Below are some methods you can use to determine its purity:

  • Unless you have a readily available lab, look for the hallmark, which is the unique marking located on the inconspicuous part of the gold necklace.

    The markings will indicate either the purity percentage or karatage, which is the gold content.

    For a 24-karat piece of magic, you will notice either a 99.9%, 24k, or 999 European mark.
  • Look for a mark that points to gold quality. The markings could be either GP (Gold Plated) or GF(Gold Filled). 
  • Calculate the fairness of your 24k gold necklace purchase. How would you do that without wrecking your brain with math? Easy.
  • Most importantly, know how much the gold bullion costs.
  • Consider other costs.

    A jeweler will most likely add others costs, for instance, costs of other alloys and labor.

    You may have to pay more if the piece of jewelry is custom made.

    Purchasing from a big brand such as Bulgari or Cartier means you could pay almost ten times the gold value.

    It is because you are purchasing the necklace's quality, mostly designed by notable jewel designers, and of course the brand name. 

For as much as $200, you can get an evermee.com 24-karat gold necklace for men or women, customized with a memorable photo. 

What Necklace Designs Are Available?  

Evermée 24k Gold Necklaces

When shopping for a gold necklace, for instance, for women, one of the minimal factors you would consider include the design.

You can get a 24k gold necklace for men and women in circular designs, where you can choose to customize with a photo. Try a smart Locket.

You can also find a locket in the shape of a heart that you can use to express love to that special someone.  

How To Take Care of Your Gold Necklace

You probably want to wear your gold necklace for 24 hours non-stop after a purchase.

But it does not stop there with the purchase.

You need to maintain your 24k gold necklace or risk losing the value of the necklace. 

Remember the following tips if you are a gold merchandise owner:

  • Use the item less frequently if it is high-karat gold. Pure gold is soft and damages easily.
  • Remove the necklace if swimming, bathing, or cleaning. Harmful chemicals found in detergents and soaps can cause faster wear for gold-plated jewelry.
  • Ensure proper necklace storage. Store the gold chains in spaces where they do not tangle. If possible, store your gold jewelry in separate boxes.

Cleaning Your 24k gold jewelry

Cleaning a gold necklace does not have to be hectic.

It could be a simple dusting.

You can occasionally buff the necklace with a thin piece of a soft cloth.

Rub it gently to remove dust and oil to avoid a buildup of grime on the surface.

Clean the jewelry using liquid detergent mixed in warm water.

Deep cleaning is recommended once every three months to avoid chemicals wearing out the gold.  

When is Pure 24k Gold Necklace Appropriate for a Gift?

Evermée 24k Gold Necklace

Buying gold jewelry as a gift symbolizes more than love.

It shows appreciation and holding someone to the highest value.

Some of the occasions where gold jewelry can be given as gifts include:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Bridal Showers
  • Mother's or Father's Day
  • Valentine's Day

Gold is an ideal gift since it can be handed down from generation to generation.

It has since been by women and men of Ancient Rome, Greek, and Egypt.

Women love Gold the most, that is why it is also a perfect daughter graduation gift.

You can never put a price on how much you value someone.

However, you can put a price on one way to show the person how golden he/she is to you.

A common myth is that gold jewelry for women is more expensive.

Ensure you are getting value for your money. 

Bottom Line 

Real gold is currently easy to come by if you know the right dealers.

Whether it is Asian, Italian, or from wherever, real gold only differs with the content and design.

Therefore, when making a purchase, do not get unnecessary upsells that claim any of the above is the reason for higher prices. 

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