12 Strange But Effective Ways To Save A Struggling Relationship

by priyanshu rawat
12 Strange But Effective Ways To Save A Struggling Relationship


  • Intro
  • When Does Your Relationship Need Repairing?
  • 1. Try to Listen
  • 2. Seek Perfection In Imperfection
  • 3. Celebrate Your Love
  • 4. Respect Their Flaws
  • 5. Never Play The Blame Game
  • 6. Revitalize Your Bond
  • 7. Get Your Priorities Straight
  • 8. Respect The Boundaries
  • 9. Rethink The Reasons You’re Together
  • 10. Constructive Criticism Is Healthy
  • 11. Stay Curious About Each Other
  • 12. Understanding The Needs
  • Conclusion
Save A Struggling Relationship

o relationship is perfect!

No matter how hard we try.

Relationships are bound to fail at some point or another.

But at last, how we resuscitate a struggling relationship is all that matters.

For ages, we humans have been very complex creatures.

Driven by undying desires and intricate emotions.

We often unwittingly push our loved ones away from us.

In failed attempts to restore the love that once made your heart skip a beat.

Saving a struggling relationship is taxing.

However, there are also some strange but effective ways.

That can surely help bring your relationship back on track.

Before unveiling those ways.

Let’s find out.

How can you sense your relationship is at a struggling point?

When does your relationship need repairing?

If the connection you share with your partner begins to unravel.

Issues in your love life are manifesting themselves in many ways.

From clashing expectations and emotional breakdowns to misunderstandings and misgivings.

You can sense that your relationship is having a tough time.

Signs will be popping up all around.

A detached look in your lover’s eyes.

Conversations are turning into arguments.

Ignored texts.

Unanswered calls.

Your partner might turn away from you.

Panic will start to kick in.

Finally, at some point, you will question.

Is your relationship coming to an end?

Even if it is.

Trust Me.

It can be revived; with the ways, we are about to unravel.

Try to listen

How To Save A Struggling Relationship

Not all problems can be solved by fights and arguments.

At times you need to be all ears to solve problems with your partner.

Especially in relationships.

Instead of blaming each other for faults.

Learn to listen to your partner.

Most problems that occur in relationships are due to a lack of communication.

So, the next time if you both get in a heated argument.

Don’t shout. Don’t cry.

Instead, sit with your partner.

Look straight in the eye and listen to them, like it’s the end of the world.

Understand their side of the story.

Don’t cut them off and let them pour their heart out to you.

This small gesture of yours will help your partner feel a lot better.

After all, a relationship is all about keeping your loved one happy.

At last, when your partner is done speaking.

They will be more than happy to listen to your side of the story.

This healthy and peaceful discussion can revive any struggling relationship.

Seek perfection in imperfection 

How To Save A Struggling Relationship

We aren't perfect, and no one can be.

Never let your partner's flaws be the reason for your weakening relationship.

After all, it was these imperfections that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Moreover, it is these innocent flaws that make your partner different from the rest of the world.

However, people often tend to get uncomfortable with their partner’s imperfections over time.

If this the case with you.

Then it is imperative that you take your partner as who they are.

Celebrate your love

Struggling Relationship

Love is ethereal. No feeling, word, or emotion can describe it accurately.

So, once you are in love with someone.

Don’t let a moment go away without celebrating your love.

Remind yourself how lucky you are.

Let the person what they mean to you.

Embrace them, say you will be nothing without their love, care, and support.

With such a beautiful gift from the universe in the form of love.

Why leave a moment not celebrating it.

If words are not enough.

Then celebrate it using a gift.

Not sure what?

Check out the evermée necklace!

A piece of jewelry crafted to celebrate love.

The memories necklace can store your cherished memories inside.

How cool is that, isn’t it?

That’s not just it.

Your partner can access the photos on their mobile.

You can even surprise them with new memories every day.

Even while you are away.

Respect their flaws

Struggling Relationship

Let them know it is their flaws that make you fall in love with them every day.

Instead of their flaws, focus on their positives.

Remind yourself why you once loved your partner so much.

Never let the imperfections of your partner mess with your mind.

After all, love is all about imperfections.

Isn’t it?

So instead of pointing out their flaws.

Look for perfection in their imperfections.

Never play the blame game

Struggling Relationship

It is a game that no one can win.

We as humans tend to blame our problems on others.

In relationships, partners often blame each other for their troubles.

A healthy relationship is born when you learn to take responsibility.

Instead of putting blames, take full charge.

Blaming your partner can make them feel awful and unhappy.

While often this blame game will only lead to arguments and more problems.

So, the next time you are thinking of blaming an undesirable event on your lover.

Just stop for a while and think, are they the person responsible for it?

Revitalize your bond

Struggling Relationship

Losing interest in your partner is the most significant cause of a struggling relationship.

Degrading their needs and demands is just one thing.

But avoiding them for no reason is a serious concern.

If you have been in a relationship for years.

At some point or another, you might have felt or done this.

To revitalize your bond in your struggling relationship.

It is imperative that you put in some meaningful efforts.

Get Your Priorities Straight

Save A Struggling Relationship

Out of all the other things in life.

Relationships are the easiest to take for granted.

If your relationship is not a priority for you or your partner.

Then your bond will begin to fade, causing you two to drift away.

To nurture a relationship, you and your partner will have to keep your priorities straight.

No matter how busy you are in life.

It doesn't matter if your Jeff Bezos himself.

If you want your relationship to thrive.

You would have to align your priorities with your partner’s.

Complementing priorities combined with time and effort can save any relationship.

After all, a successful relationship is not about who says ‘I love you’ the most.

But it is about two people who have their priorities straight for their relationship.

Respect the boundaries

Save A Struggling Relationship

Limitations of any kind in life can be disheartening.

In a relationship, limits are boundaries are essential to keep it on track.

Promises made with your partner are not always meant to be broken.

After all, it is not just the promise. It is their trust and respect you are playing with.

There must be something about your partner that bothers you.

It can be their overindulgence in alcohol or their over-commitment to work.

Whatever it is if you feel there should be a boundary to it.

Then so be it.

A relationship with no boundaries is often in jeopardy.

You and your partner must define boundaries to your relationship to keep it alive.

Rethink the reasons you’re together

Save A Struggling Relationship

Often in relationships, when people drift away.

They forget why they fell in love with their partner in the place.

It can their charming smile, glittering eyes, the way they walk, or anything else.

If you have forgotten about these reasons.

Then it is crucial, my friend, that you rethink these.

Go back to the beginning. Ask yourself the questions.

Why were you attracted to this person?

What him/her special and unique?

What place this person has in your heart?

What would happen to you if that person goes away?

I am very sure.

Re-evaluating and rethinking the reasons will help you discover the lost love.

Constructive criticism is healthy

Save A Struggling Relationship

Criticism in relationships is inevitable.

Two people in love can often have clashing thoughts.

Although criticism can have a negative connotation.

In reality, criticism is neither positive nor negative.

It is just how criticism is given and received.

In a relationship, criticism can help both the persons grow and foster intimacy.

It can also be the reason behind your strengthening or weakening relationship.

To keep your relationship away from any harm.

You and your partner must know how to use criticism constructively.

After all, it can reinforce your bond while eliminating misunderstandings.

Stay curious about each other

Struggling Relationship

Curiosity is priceless.

After all, it is the only thing that has fueled the human race to come this far.

Curiously helps in building better bonds, relations, and trust.

It not only bolsters relationships but also helps explore different sides of an individual.

For instance, showing curiosity in your lover.

Will help them realize your interest in their needs and desires.

Human relationships depend on the curiously of the partners in each other.

Driven by interest and attention.

Curiosity will help you discover love in partners with dining curious about each other.

Understanding the needs

Struggling Relationship

As an evolved ape.

We have different needs in our lives.

A relationship, in particular, is a very delicate and beautiful bond.

For a relationship to thrive.

It needs the effort, time, and support of both partners.

As a mature person, you should be aware of your partner’s needs in life.

Meanwhile, your partner should be aware of yours.

Those needs and desires must complement and align with each other.

In case your expectations alter at some point in time.

It would be good to discuss them with your partner.

As secrecy in a relationship will lead to its obliteration.

Moreover, constantly changing priorities will only give rise to stress.

In relationships, every partner should be aware of their as well as their partner’s priorities.

For the relationship to thrive.

At Last,

There will always be many ups and downs in your relationship.

But how well you tackle the downs will make your bond special.

If you are in a struggling relationship.

Then chances are you might have already been putting in too much effort to bring your relationship on track.

The ways listed in this article will help you expedite the process.

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