10 Fun Facts About Jewelry We Bet You Didn't Know

by priyanshu rawat
10 Fun Facts About Jewelry We Bet You Didn't Know


  • Intro
  • The Not So Boring Past Of Jewelry
  • The Discovery
  • Facts About Jewelry
  • Fact #1: Ruby is Sapphire, Sapphire is Ruby
  • Fact #2: The Mysterious Metal Rarer Than Gold
  • Fact #3: You Can Grow Diamonds
  • Fact #4: Gold is Actually from Space
  • Fact #5: You Can Bend 24K Gold with Hands
  • Fact #6: Diamonds Are Colorful
  • Fact #7: Jewels = Toys?
  • Fact #8: The Flesh of The Gods
  • Fact #9: Fishes Are Richer Than Us
  • Fact #10: The Blue Sapphire From Titanic
  • In Search For Interesting Stunning Jewelry?
Facts About Jewelry

Every year the Americans spend a whopping $82 billion on jewelry and watches.

Still, there’s so little we know about jewelry.

Although we appreciate these astonishing pieces of ornaments.

But there are some facts about jewelry.

That you need to know and will surely blow your mind.

Before diving into those exciting facts about jewelry.

Let’s start this thrilling journey by unveiling how jewelry came into existence.

Trust me; this is going to be exciting!

The Not So Boring Past Of Jewelry

Fun Facts About Jewelry

Since time immemorial.

Jewelry all around the world was seen as an expression of the self.

An integral part of every human civilization that ever existed.

Jewelry has evolved across space and time to become what we’re familiar with today.

In ancient times, jewelry was used to serve various functions.

In some societies, it was used to ward off evil.

In some, it was used to pay off dowry.

While in many others, it was used as a status symbol.

Whatever the reason being.

Jewelry in every part of the world had its significance.

The Discovery

The first jewelry ever found was about 25,000 years ago.

Surprisingly it was not even a piece of jewelry.

Or something that resembles a piece of jewelry.

In fact, it was just a modest necklace made of fish bones found in a cave in Monaco.

And mind you, it is a speculation that mankind invented jewelry 25000 years back.

It is even possible that jewelry in other decorative forms came into existence before that.

But it would be fitting to guess.

That humans with this level of creativity were able to craft jewelry.

From a very early stage.

Having discussed a brief about jewelry’s history.

Without any further ado.

Let’s dive straight into the electrifying facts about jewelry.

Shall we?

Facts About Jewelry

Fact #1: Ruby is Sapphire, Sapphire is Ruby

Fun Facts About Jewelry

Nomenclature in jewelry can be confusing at times.

What if I tell you, Ruby and Sapphire are the same stones with different colors?

If you have ever seen these stones side by side.

You must have realized how dissimilar these two stones look.

With Ruby being a gemstone with reddish hue and Sapphire with a bluish tint.

But in reality.

Both these stones are made up of the same mineral called Conundrum.

The difference in the color of Ruby and Sapphire is due to the different mineral contents.

While iron and titanium in Sapphire are responsible for the blue color.

In comparison, tiny traces of chromium in Ruby are responsible for its red color.

So, the next time you see a Ruby and Sapphire.

Remember, they are actually the same stones.

Created by nature with a different approach.

If you like this nature’s twist.

Then you would surely love, Evermée memories necklace.

That comes with a twist of technology.

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Fact #2: The Mysterious Metal Rarer Than Gold

Facts About Platinum Jewelry

I am sure.

Some of you might have guessed this metal.

Since past years this metal is used in making pieces of jewelry too.

This mysterious metal is none other than our beloved platinum.

With annual production of about 15 times less than gold.

And 100 times less than silver.

It is believed that all of the platinum ever produced.

It could fit in an average size American living room.

So, this really means there isn’t much platinum available to us.

Which makes this precious metal extremely rare.

So, the next time you go gold shopping!

Remember, there is another luxurious yet rare metal.

Called Platinum.

Fact #3: You Can Grow Diamonds

Facts About Diamonds

Okay, don’t be thrilled.

You might not actually make Diamonds.

Unless you are some kind of expert.

I am sorry for killing your riches dream.

Now you can bury your plan of going to the market.

To buy the ingredients to make Diamonds.

That being said.

Diamonds can actually be created inside laboratories.

Humans discovered the method way back in the 1950s.

By which experts can create synthetic diamonds.

The best part is.

These synthetic diamonds can exactly resemble natural organic diamonds.

Which makes these synthetic diamonds.

A good option for people concerned about the exorbitant price of a real diamond.

So, if you are one of those people.

Who believes a diamond is more expensive than your love.

Then get a synthetic diamond.

And please don’t tell your wife/spouse/girlfriend about it.

She’ll kill us both.

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Fact #4: Gold is Actually from Space

Facts About Gold

This might be the best fact in this list of fun facts about jewelry.

What if I tell you all the gold on Earth is actually from some other celestial body?

Yes, it is believed that gold arrived on Earth via a meteorite.

Over around 4.5 billion years ago.

A meteorite shower brought us this precious metal from space.

Now, consider that a god’s gift.

So, the next time you look at your gold jewelry.

Remember, that the gold in that jewelry.

Might as well was roaming around somewhere in space.

At some point of time in the past.

Fact #5: You Can Bend 24K Gold with Hands

Facts About Gold

Gold is not a very durable metal.

You can actually bend 24-karat gold with your bare hands.

That is the reason why pure 24-karat gold is not used in making jewelry.

Instead, 24-karat is alloyed to some extent with other metals.

To make it hard enough to create pieces of jewelry.

Fact #6: Diamonds Are Colorful

Facts About Diamond

Many of us have only seen clear or white diamonds.

But diamonds can come in a variety of colors.

That depends solely on the chemical composition.

But as expected, these colored diamonds are unique and rare.

That is why the price can vary highly with respect to the shade.

This somewhat nature's imperfection.

That resulted in just another perfection.

Fact #7: Jewels = Toys?

Facts About jewels

This might startle you. But 'Jewel' actually means 'Toy.'

The word ‘jewel’ was derived from the French word ‘jouel’.

That translates to a plaything or toy.

While similarly, the word ‘jewelry’ was derived from ‘baubles.’

That again translates to toys. Funny in a way.

That for wealthy people, jewelry can be a toy.

Fact #8: The Flesh of The Gods

Facts About jewels

Ever since its discovery. Gold is associated with mystics and spirituality.

In ancient Egypt, gold was referred to as ‘The Flesh of The Gods.’

Mainly because gold shimmers like Re (the Sun God).

But now we know, gold is just another metal.

Which is precious, rare, and beautiful.

Fact #9: Fishes Are Richer Than Us

Facts About ocean

For centuries, humans have mined gold on the surface of the Earth.

With digging out at least 175,000 metric tons of gold till date.

As global demand for gold surged.

Our endeavors in search of this precious metal.

Has taken us into the deep oceans.

It is estimated that our ocean beds contain close to $150 trillion of gold.

If we can find a way to extract that gold.

There will be 4.5 kilograms of gold for every one of us on Earth.

According to National Geographic.

But since excavating that gold is not possible.

Let’s leave that gold to fishes.

Fact #10: The Blue Sapphire From Titanic

Blue Sapphire From Titanic

The epic movie Titanic that came in 1997.

It may have glamorized the story of Rose and Jack.

But if you don’t know already.

Then you will be surprised to know.

That the wonderful blue sapphire necklace is shown in the movie actually exits!

And it is now nicknamed ‘The Love of the Sea.’

The film crew showcased this stunning sapphire necklace.

Because the same necklace was gifted by Henry to his fiancé Kate on the Titanic ship.

Before embarking their journey on the Titanic in the year 1912.

Mind you, both Kate and Henry were on the Titanic ship.

But after the Titanic struck the humongous iceberg.

Kate made it to one of the lifeboats, and Henry didn't.

After that, their love story became eternal.

With the ‘The Love of the Sea.’

In Search For Interesting Stunning Jewelry?

Facts About Jewelry

We have presented our 10 favorite fun facts about jewelry.

We sincerely hope you’ve liked these facts about jewelry.

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