This journey came to an end :(

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who supported our startup over the past years.

With a heavy heart it is that we announce the closure of our project. We don't want do just say goodbye, though, but instead tell those of you who are interested the story about why and how we failed.

Important info:

Everyone who had a subscription with us – you don't have to do anything about it, we canceled them all and you won't be charged any money.

How and why we failed:

During covid-19 we ran into difficulties. Some may remember - at the time we launched a new product for our TikTok Audience and were taking pre-orders. Sales went through the roof and it was up to us to deliver the product on time. And this is where it all went wrong.

On one side, due to the pandemic there were delivery problems for materials which delayed our production quite significantly. On the other hand, the post office made a serious mistake where our shipment was sent back from the US to Indonesia and held there for 2 months before being released again. Only after the release we could send the shipment to the US again. A well funded company could have sent a replacement shipment. In our case, however, all our funds were tied up in this one shipment.

Our customers became understandably impatient and it hailed refund requests. The consequences of this are cash flow problems. All the marketing money we spent on pre-orders turned to dust overnight because the pre-orders turned into refunds. In addition, we had to pay penalty fees to the payment processors for each refund. Needless to say that we got into financial trouble.

We've been trying to get the company back on track ever since. In the end, however, we had to realize that we were not in a position to do so.

We would have loved to continue this project and continue to make the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. But as it sometimes happens, all good things eventually come to an end.

We thank everyone endlessly for their support and for every heartfelt story that reached us.
We can only hope that you find the jewelry itself as beautiful as we do, even without the memories inside it. Take care.